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  • In September 2015, Colombia’s government reached a peace deal with FARC rebels, who

  • theyve been in conflict with since 1964. Despite Colombia’s inability to topple the

  • FARC threat, their military is actually quite large, and benefits financially from a growing

  • Colombian economy. So just how powerful is Colombia?

  • Well, the country is about twice the size of Spain, but holds roughly the same amount

  • of people at around 47 million. Colombia borders the tip of Central America in Panama, and

  • forms the beginning of South America.

  • About a third of Colombian citizens live in poverty in rural areas due to decades of violence

  • between the FARC rebels and Colombian government. However, those who live in the cities are

  • often well off, especially in Colombia’s highly developed capital city of Bogota. The

  • World Bank lists Colombia as anUpper Middle Incomecountry, with a GDP of nearly $400

  • Billion dollars. They rank above competing neighbors Venezuela and Ecuador, and not far

  • behind successful European nations like Norway and Austria.

  • Colombia’s economy heavily depends on energy and mining exports. It’s Latin America’s

  • fourth largest oil producer, the world’s fourth largest coal exporter, and the leading

  • producer of raw emeralds. However, these commodities are vulnerable to price fluctuations, and

  • as a result, Colombia has been diversifying its economy. From 2007 to 2012, the Colombian

  • tech industry grew 177% and is being called theSilicon Valleyof South America.

  • However, much of Colombia’s economy is still significantly involved with the South American

  • drug trade. Although their most famous drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, died in 1993, today

  • more than $400 million dollars within the Colombian economy comes from drug trafficking

  • profits. Colombia is thought to be one of the world’s leading producers of cocaine

  • With about 450,000 active military personnel, Colombia has long attempted to tackle its

  • drug and rebel problem by cracking down with its armed forces. However, they have had limited

  • success in jungle areas, and the resulting violent clashes have long been criticized

  • by human rights organizations. Worldwide, Colombia ranks 52nd in military power, spending

  • $13 Billion dollars on defense in 2014.

  • But Colombia is not alone in their fight. Since 2000, the US has spent nearly $10 billion

  • dollars to help encourage peace and eradicate illicit drug trafficking. The US is Colombia’s

  • largest trading partner, and the 2012 US-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement has reduced tariffs

  • and promoted economic growth. Colombia is also party to a number of international organizations.

  • With close ties to the United States and a flourishing economy, Colombia proves itself

  • to be a significant internationalMiddle Power”. However, due to decades of violence,

  • poverty still plagues the nation. So how powerful is Colombia? Powerful enough to be self sufficient,

  • but not enough to overcome the country’s greatest obstacles.

  • To find out more about the infamous kingpin behind Colombia’s drug trade, check out

  • Seeker Daily’s video on Pablo Escobar. Or, to learn more about Colombia’s FARC rebels,

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In September 2015, Colombia’s government reached a peace deal with FARC rebels, who


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哥倫比亞有多強大? (How Powerful Is Colombia?)

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