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  • To fly into orbit is to see the Earth, in space.

  • Looking down, our planet is lit up with thunderstorms. Beyond the horizon, unfiltered by the atmosphere,

  • it’s enveloped in the light of thousands of distant suns...

  • And of the great band of stars and glowing gas, the Milky Way.

  • The International Space Station flies through the thermosphere, 350 kilometers up. That’s

  • where energized particles slam into the upper atmosphere to create auroras.

  • These particles come from the Sun.

  • From this vantage, we see our own civilization echoing back the energy of the universe. We

  • glow as if we are one unified organism.

  • City lights blur beneath a cover of clouds. The shimmer of night yields to day. And to

  • night again, when the moon now lights our way. You can see it here reflecting off lakes

  • and clouds across Canada.

  • To see Earth in space is to see our connection to a cosmos that’s as large as it is diverse.

  • And beautiful.

To fly into orbit is to see the Earth, in space.


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在太空中看地球[新的國際空間站延時鏡頭]。 (Seeing Earth IN Space [new ISS timelapse footage])

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