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  • NARRATOR: Admitting the candidate in to

  • the order of chivalry

  • was often a magnificent, colourful

  • and sumptuous affair.

  • MUSIC: (low moody cellos)

  • NARRATOR: The wearing of armour,

  • and of course, the symbolic

  • girding of the sword

  • helped to mark admission

  • in to this elite group.

  • It's quite interesting that the

  • ceremony of dubbing to

  • knighthood is very similar

  • to the ceremony of

  • creating a King.

  • and it's the church trying to

  • impose a ritual on secular society.

  • NARRATOR: Large garrisons were needed

  • to cope with frequent raids

  • from the local tribes.

  • Roman forts were built to a

  • standardised rectangular shape

  • a shape that is still plainly

  • visible in fortifications

  • which were reused.

  • Dorchester Castle was originally

  • built to protect the Roman imperial

  • fleet at Portsmouth.

  • It failed.

  • But after the Romans abandoned Britain

  • to its dark ages around 400 AD

  • the triumphant Barbarians

  • took over the empty site.

NARRATOR: Admitting the candidate in to


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B2 中高級 英國腔

騎士 - 城堡和攻城戰 (Knights - Castles & Sieges)

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