A2 初級 美國腔 1921 分類 收藏
They all laughed and said I was a fool when i told them I was in love with an
amazing woman who lived over three thousand miles away.
My friends, my family,
everyone told me, I was doomed that long-distance relationships never work.
That one of us was going to cheat.
That our relationship wasn't real because we didn't see each other everyday,
but they weren't laughing a few short years later when they saw her walk down
the aisle in her wedding dress.
They were gasping,
shocked, apologizing,
amazed that we had the happiest relationship of anybody we now.
That we made it look so easy.
That it can be so easy for you to.
If you just watch this video; Do what I say.
Hi my name is Adam Rabin,
and if you're in a long distance relationship or if you're in a
relationship where you forced to spend lots of time apart
then this is going to be the most important video you ever watch. The video that actually changes your life
Why, because in the next seven minutes I'm going to teaching three simple secrets
no one has ever told you before
to destroy the distance and create a truly unbreakable long distance
relationship with almost no effort at all. Where you feel truly connected,
loved, secured.
Where you have
absolute trust in the man or woman you love
and no without a doubt that they would never cheat.
Where your friends in near distance relationships don't just stop trying to
tear you down but are actually jealous of you, because they see what you have that
they can't seem to create
even though they see their boyfriend or girlfriend every single day.
I'll teach you the three secrets you can use to transform your long distance
relationship in just a moment.
So, what are the secrets
the first secret is that long-distance relationships and "Near-Distance"
relationships succeed and fail at exactly the same rate.
I know, I know, everybody tells you that long-distance relationships are doomed.
That you need to see each other everyday to have a real relationship,
but that's a flat-out lie.
The fact is that distance isn't the most important factor in whether a
relationship is loving and sexy and wonderful and satisfying at all.
Heck can barely even makes the top five Eylie's and I discovered, as long as we
stay connected, intimate
part of each others lives and focused on each other
how far apart we where barely matter at all. Wanna know the other two secrets?
Please click the link below to see the full movie on how to have an unbreakable long distance relationship.


如何維持遠距離戀愛 (How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work - Destroy The Distance)

1921 分類 收藏
April Lu 發佈於 2016 年 10 月 15 日    Su Kids 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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