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  • I bought a lot of good weed

  • And a bottle of milk

  • A soggy eggshell

  • 'Cause I'm real laid back

  • Caught your dog in my hut,

  • It's a well-known mutt

  • It took chicken from my fridge

  • As I was frying hot ducks

  • On a freezing night

  • It always liked to bite

  • Where's them boobies? I wanna ice this cake

  • Hope you fall

  • On your burger and fries

  • The bullfrog hates you

  • I saw your friends

  • Drowning in blood

  • And I sold the wine to you

  • Guess I'll shave a beard with glue

  • Can't be around dogs who fart all the time

  • Psychotic dog, psychotic dog, yeah

  • Psychotic dog, psychotic doggie

  • Gonna shave that beard with glue.

I bought a lot of good weed


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B2 中高級

("Beard With Glue" — a Bad Lip Reading)

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