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  • A good movie title should be memorable, but they don't always have to make sense.

  • On occasion, filmmakers end up with titles that are wildlyand sometimes hilariouslyinaccurate.

  • Here are some movie titles that lied straight to your face.

  • The Lone Ranger

  • In no iteration of The Lone Ranger is the heroic cowboy actually lonesome; his sidekick,

  • Tonto, is always by his side.

  • As a character, Tonto is almost as famous as the Lone Rangerin fact, in the 2013

  • movie adaptation, the guy who played Tonto, Johnny Depp, even earned top billing over

  • the guy playing the Lone Ranger, Armie Hammer.

  • Fargo

  • The only scene in this Coen Brothers classic that's actually set in Fargo, North Dakota,

  • is the one when Jerry meets with the two hitmen to set up the kidnapping of his wife.

  • The rest of the movie takes place in Minnesota, specifically in Brainerd.

  • \"Brainerd?\"

  • \"Yeah, yeah.

  • Home of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.\"

  • Sure, you could argue that calling the movie \"Brainerd\" wouldn't be as exciting, and the

  • meeting in Fargo spirals out into all kinds of craziness, but it's still the equivalent

  • of Gotham taking place in Metropolis.

  • You'd think that two seasons of the awesome Fargo TV series would correct the location

  • a bit, right?

  • Wrong!

  • \"Double whoops.\"

  • Most of the series takes place in other towns throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and South

  • Dakota, with Fargo visited only a few times throughout the show.

  • \"You do know you're in North Dakota, right?

  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

  • Yes, the fourth movie in the Friday the 13th franchise is indeed the final installment

  • in the saga of drowning victim-turned hockey mask-wearing mass murderer Jason Voorhees.

  • \"But now, Jason's reign of terror is over.\"

  • We all thought Friday the 13th Part IV was going to be \"The Final Chapter\" when it came

  • to Jason, but little did horror fans know that there'd still be Friday the 13th Part

  • V: A New Beginning, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Friday the 13th Part VII: The

  • New Blood, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final

  • Friday, Jason X—the one where he goes to outer space, the 2003 crossover Freddy Vs.

  • Jason, and the 2009 Friday the 13th reboot.

  • Batman Forever

  • Not quite forever.

  • The third big-screen Batman movie obviously couldn't have an infinite running time, though

  • this thing certainly seems like it never ends.

  • \"Exactly.\"

  • But it did well enough at the box office to generate a sequel, Batman & Robin.

  • That one was so poorly received that it prevented the Batman franchise from going on forever.

  • \"What killed the dinosaurs?

  • The ice age!\"

  • Another Batman movie wouldn't be made until almost a decade later, with Christopher Nolan's

  • franchise reboot Batman Begins.

  • The Karate Kid

  • Everything about the 1984 original The Karate Kid is unassailable, including its title,

  • although 23-year-old Ralph Macchio stretched the definition of \"kid.”

  • But the 2010 remake, starring Jaden Smith, isn't about karate at all.

  • In this version, Jackie Chan teaches his young charge kung fu, not karate.

  • Considering Kung Fu comes from China and Karate comes from Japan, having a movie where Chinese

  • action star Jackie Chan teaches Kung Fu to a boy living in China and calling it \"The

  • Karate Kid\" is a downright lie.

  • Mission: Impossible

  • All of Tom Cruise's top secret spy missions as Ethan Hunt turn out to be possible after

  • all, even if they are pretty difficult.

  • Viewers can tell Hunt's missions aren't impossible thanks to the existence of multiple sequelsif

  • any of them really were impossible, he and his whole team would be dead.

  • \"Whoo!

  • That was not easy, but I did it.\"

  • Jurassic Park

  • Yeah, it takes place at Jurassic Park.

  • \"Welcome to Jurassic Park!\"

  • But it should really be named Cretaceous Park, because nearly all of the dinosaurs in Jurassic

  • Park actually date to the Cretaceous period.

  • \"Alan this form of species has been extinct since the Cretaceous period.\"

  • The Jurassic era came before the Cretaceousby about 80 million years.

  • Now if only they could explain that to the dinosaurs

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A good movie title should be memorable, but they don't always have to make sense.


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