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Simple, shallow, but loads of fun. No, I’m not describing the many girls I knew in college
but rather Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, which is an HD remake
of the beloved 1991 arcade and super Nintendo arcade classic. I loved arcade brawlers back
in the day, and you know what has changed since then... Nothing. I still love them.
And Turtles in Time was one of the best. Get a friend and hit the streets as one of four
of the ninja turtles. I was always a fan of Michelangelo, because I always thought that
David is one of the great feats of mankind, and because he said “dude” all the time.
So, this game had a lot to live up to. The game does look really nice all dressed up
in its new HD clothes. The turtles look just like the cartoon and the environments really
bring you in.
The plot, if it really matters, is that Shredder has stolen the Statue of Liberty and it is
up to the turtles to get it back. The original was a beat em’ up to the highest extent.
You move to the right and smashed buttons and beat up the bad guys. So what has change
in the game besides the HD polish? Not a whole lot. Which is great and not so great. I personally
am and old school gamer and I don’t really need high production value or polish cut scenes
or multiple game modes to really get into and enjoy a game. So this game is more designed
for people like me, who want to go down nostalgia lane, instead of the mass public. There is
not much here in terms of gamemodes or gameplay.
The gameplay has you picking a Ninja Turtles and moving him to through the levels. You
move to the right and mash the buttons. You attack with the square button, jump with the
X and that is just about it. It is simple but also as complex as it need to be. There
are special moves you can perform, such as throwing your enemies towards the screen and
grabbing them and tossing them against the ground. But these are afterthoughts, you will
mostly be tabbing the attack button all game long. At the end of the stage you encounter
a boss, whose difficulty ranges from Paris Hilton easy to controller smashing frustrating.
The best part is that the game supports up to four players at once, either local or online
and this is the way I recommend playing the game. While it is still fun to go through
by yourself, nothing compares to beat em’ ups with a friend.
I’ll be honest, it is a little disappointing in terms of game modes. There is your story
mode that has you trying to defeat Shredder, and your quickplay, which is just playing
story but from what level you want and also a survival mode, where you try to get as far
as you can on one life. The modes are a little lacking. It would have been nice to have some
unlocks, like the original SNES Turtles in Time. But what are you going to do. The game
is fun for what it is. When you download Turtles in Time, you know what you are getting into.
A solid and fun brawler than lets you play as a turtle. The game is not the deepest game
out there but if you are looking for something fun that is great to pick up and play for
a little bit or a fun multiplayer game then you can’t do much better. The game was fun
twenty years ago and I’m willing to bet it will be fun in another twenty years.


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阿多賓 發佈於 2013 年 5 月 28 日
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