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  • Hi. I'm Jennifer from Workroom Social, and today we're going to talk about how to wind

  • a bobbin. So, what is a bobbin? These are a couple of bobbins. Every sewing machine

  • has a different bobbin that is specifically made for their machine, so you should refer

  • to your manual to see what kind of bobbin your machine needs. But, basically, a bobbin

  • is the mini spool of thread that sits at the bottom of your machine to make your stitches.

  • So, to wind the bobbin, the first thing you need to do is to take your thread and you're

  • going to put it in the thread holder on your machine. Now, the main thing you want to sort

  • of pay attention to about winding your bobbin is your thread needs tension.

  • So, here's my tension disk on my machine, and that's going to hold the thread taut.

  • So, I'm just going to put it through there, and then I'm going to take the end of my thread

  • and put it through a little, tiny hole that sits on the inside of my bobbin. And I'm going

  • to just pull it out and hold it up. Then I'm going to attach my bobbin to the bobbin spindle

  • and I'm going to lock it into place. That engages this component of your machine.

  • The next thing that's important to do is to disengage your needle. So, on my machine that's

  • here on the right hand side. And I'm just going to pull it out. And what that's going

  • to do, it's going to prevent my needle from going up and down, which we don't need to

  • happen right now. And then I'm going to hold the top of my thread so it doesn't get dangled

  • and I'm going to step on the presser foot. And we're going to get a couple of spins and

  • then I'm just going to cut this top. I don't need this anymore. And then I'm going to wind

  • this bobbin.

  • Now, you'll see, as the thread is going, it should be going up and down in a fairly even

  • motion. And if that's happening, you know you have a good tension. If it's not happening,

  • it could be for a couple of reasons. One, you just might be a little off balance, in

  • which case you can take, this is an awl, you can take that or a pencil or something and

  • stick it underneath to help guide your thread up and down. You want your bobbin to be nice

  • and even.

  • Now, this will stop automatically when it's done. Or, if you only want a little bit you

  • can just stop it ahead of time. And you'll just clip that off, and now you have your

  • threaded bobbin.

Hi. I'm Jennifer from Workroom Social, and today we're going to talk about how to wind


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如何給線軸上發條 | 縫紉機的使用方法 (How to Wind a Bobbin | Sewing Machine)

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