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Huh? A cat! Were you abandoned?
Kevin! We've got a green light. Hurry up.
Oh, I can’t. Doug! Wait up.
Kevin! Look out!
- Hey, watch it! - I'm sorry!
There's a growing number of accidents recently
with children at crosswalks.
What do you think we should do?
I'll go and double check that all the green lights
are working properly.
Good. Amber, let's go together.
We'll go out to the crosswalks and guide the children
as they cross the street.
Soft... like a ninja. There.
Kevin! Mommy says come to supper.
- Uh! alright. - Huh? What's that?
It’s nothing!
A cat! It's so cute!
- Mom cannot find out. - Kevin! Suji!
Okay. We're coming! Suji ….
- Thanks for dinner. - Thanks, Mommy.
Go on and eat, Elizabeth!
Elizabeth is not her name.
Hey, Elizabeth. Aren't you adorable!
Kevin! Wake up!
I'm awake, Suji. What's going on?
Elizabeth is missing.
- Elizabeth? - Elizabeth?
Where are you?
I think she must have gotten outside.
Kevin! Poor Elizabeth!
Where are you, Elizabeth?
Come back!
Hey, Suji. Wait!
Elizabeth, Wait for me!
Amber, let's see how things
look at the 7th Street crosswalk.
Ok. let's go!
- Suji! - I found her!
- Outta my way. - No, Suji! Look out!
Look out!
Watch out!
That was dangerous, Suji!
Thanks for saving us, Poli!
Suji, you have to learn that it's very, very dangerous
to turn back when you're crossing the road.
- I didn’t know. - Okay.
Both of you pay attention and I will teach you
the proper way of getting across a road safely.
- Are you both listening? - Uh-huh.
You need to be very careful
because there are a lot of cars driving on the road.
You must make sure all the cars are at a complete stop
even after the light says it's okay for you to walk.
Once you cross the road, you must not turn around
because cars might not see you coming back.
When you have to go back,
go all the way to the other side and wait for the next light.
And while you are crossing the road,
you should not pick things up from the ground,
play games, read books,
or look anywhere but the street.
- Okay! - Okay!
And if the Don't Walk light is flashing,
then it's a good idea to wait for the next light.
- Okay, Poli. - Okay, Poli.
Okay, where have the two of you been?
What is that, Suji? Oh, my goodness!
It’s a kitty!
I'm gonna call you Mittens!
Her name's Elizabeth!
I like Mittens.
You can't change her name!


马路 (Trafficsafety with Poli | #16.Don't turn back when you cross the road)

372 分類 收藏
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