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  • English is crazy,


  • and what other languages do you recite at a play, but play at a recital,

    還有甚麼語言你會在一場表演(play)上吟詩朗誦(recite),然後在演湊會( recital)上演奏(play)

  • or ship by truck but send cargo by ship?


  • We have noses that run and feet that smell,


  • and the writers write hammers definitely don't ham.


  • you fill in a form by filling it out,

    你填表的時候要把他填出去(fill out 填寫)

  • and your alarm goes off by going on,


  • and why is it that a slim chance and a fat chance are the same thing,


  • but a wise man and a wise guy are opposites?

    但是有智慧的人(wise man) 是褒,有智慧的小夥子(wise guy)卻是貶

  • But this is where it gets even more confusing,


  • if you speak of a box in the plural, is "boxes",


  • yet the plural of "ox" should be "oxen", not "oxes".

    可是公牛(ox)的複數卻是"oxen" 不是 "oxes"

  • Then one is a "goose", two are called "geese",


  • yet the plural of "moose" should never be "meese".

    一隻鹿是"moose",兩隻鹿就不是 "meese"

  • And I speak of a foot, and you show me your feet,


  • but I give a boot, what a pair we called "beet",

    靴子(boot)的複數就不是"beet" 甜菜根

  • and we talk about brother and also our brethren,


  • but so we say mother we never say methren.


  • The masculine pronouns are "he", "his" and "him",

    陽性的代名詞是"he", "his" 還有 "him"

  • but imagine the feminine "she", "shis" and "shim".

    但是陰性的代名詞就不是 "she","shis" 或是 "shim".

  • And I take it you already know of "tough" and "bough" and "cough" and "dough".

    我想你已經知道這些字都長得一樣: tough 堅忍 , bough 大樹枝 ,cough 咳嗽, dough 生麵糰

  • Beware of "heard", a dreadful word,

    小心 "heard" 這個可怕的這個字

  • that looks like "beard" and sounds like "bird".

    "eard" 長得跟 "beard" 當中的 "eard" 一樣,不過卻要發 "bird" 中 "ird" 的音

  • And "dead" is said like "bed", not "bead".

    "dead" 的 "ead" 要發 "bed" 中 "ed" 的音,而非 "bead" 中 "ead" 的音

  • For goodness sakes, don't call it "deed".

    看在老天的份上,發"bead" 中 "ead" 的音就變成 "deed" 了

  • Watch out for "meat" and great" and "threat",

    小心 "meat"、"great" 還有 "threat" 這三個字

  • they rhyme with "suite" and "straight" and "debt".

    他們可是跟 "suite" , "straight" , "debt" 押韻

  • And "here" is not a match for "there" and "dear" and "fear" for "bear" and "pear".

    "here" 並不是跟 "there" 配對,也跟 "dear","fear","bear","pear" 沒有關係

  • And then there's "dose" and "rose" and "lose",

    然後還有 "dose 劑量" ,"rose 玫瑰","lose輸" 長得很像吧

  • just look them up, and "goose" and "choose".

    去查查字典吧,順便查 "goose 鵝" 跟 "choose 選擇"

  • And "cork" and "work" and "card" and "ward" and "font" and front"

    還有 "cor k軟木塞" 跟 "work 工作 ," card 卡片" 跟 "ward 守衛","font 字體" 跟 "front 前面"

  • and "word" and "sword" and "do" and "go".

    還有 " word 字" 跟 "sword 劍" ," do 做" 跟 "go 去"

  • and "thwart"and "cart"!

    " thwart 阻礙" 跟 "cart 馬車"

  • Come on, I 've hardly made a start!


  • A dreadful language, well, man alive.


  • I learned to talk it when I was five,


  • but to write it, the more I try,


  • I still haven't learned to at 25.

    我現在 25 歲了還是沒有學會

English is crazy,


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一口氣幫你抱怨完:英文真的很有毛病!(English Is Crazy!)

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