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Marie: Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create
a business and life you love. One thing that gives me so much pleasure is seeing companies
who are doing it right. Translation? They give outstanding customer experience from
their brand name to their website all the way through until when you give them money,
I love stumbling upon brands that just get it, and in a world where the only two brands
people ever talk about are Apple and Virgin, I thought it was about time that we gave some
other brands a little airplay. That’s why we are introducing what may become a recurring
MarieTV segment called ‘Love Your Branding Baby.’
segment is about looking under the hood of what smart brands are doing so you can take
these big impact strategies and put them to use in your business. Now before I reveal
today’s ‘Love Your Branding Baby’ honoree, just a little bit of backstory.
A few months ago, we were looking for a new system to help us with customer support and
we researched every helpdesk system out there, and I got to say, we were pretty disappointed
with what we found. While there are some great companies, it was frustrating because most
of them were super complex and had a lack of customization.
I am not kidding when I'm telling you that all of us wanted to cry. Why? Because we take
our customer support so seriously and we felt like we were basically pushed up against the
wall; we even started using one of these products because we felt like we had no other choice
and my team was drowning trying to learn all these new terms and figure out all these new
rules for a product that we pretty much collectively hated.
These were dark, dark times, then one night, I was talking to my smarty pants friends,
Derek Halpern from socialtriggers.com telling him about this whole situation and he said:
“Hey, Marie, I think you should go check out this company Help Scout. They're exactly
what you're looking for.”
It was close to midnight and within one minute, I was particular crying tears of joy, so I
texted Louise on my team to see if she was still up and she was and then we both started
freaking out over this website. I am not kidding you when I say I have never ever been happier
to be on any website in my entire life.
How did they blow my mind? By knowing their customers so well, and in this case it was
us, that it was like they’d been tapping our phones. Here are five super smart strategies
that they used that you can try in your own business.
1 – A super effective homepage. Within three seconds, you know who they are, what they
do and how they can help you. The page has clean and simple design and while it conveys
a lot of key information like killer testimonials, key features, competitive analysis, it’s
not cluttered or overwhelming.
2 – An E.T. deadline. What's an E.T. headline? It’s a line that reaches through the screen
with a long alien finger and touches your pain point.
‘Scalable customer support, no help desk headaches.’
Those four magic words, ‘no help desk headaches,’ let me know in a nanosecond that they completely
understood my pain and that they were different.
3 – An irresistible call to action. The tiniest thing on the page is this little phrase
with an arrow but it packs a huge punch.
‘How it works in 70 seconds.’
Think about the genius of this one bit of copy. They know how time starved we small
business owners are and they know how important it is to get us to watch this really quick
4 – A fast and effective video. This video is tight and right. It speaks directly to
every frustration that we had that had been making us feel like we want to tear our hair
out almost as if they’d been tapping our phones. Here's an example.
At the 17 second mark when they mentioned ‘macros,’ I literally screamed out loud.
They knew the exact phrase and the exact tone of our biggest struggle which let me know
that they really understood us and that creates immediate trust.
5 – They're proudly “not for everyone.” They say Help Scout isn’t for enterprises.
They have a very specific target customer and aren’t afraid to draw a clear line in
the sand not to mention draw attention to their competition. They don’t try to get
everybody; just the customers they're right for. I want you to ask yourself; are you doing
enough to say who you're for and more important who you're not for? Are you willing to draw
a line in the sand? I see so many big companies mess this up because they're terrified to
alienate anyone.
So remember as we've said before and yes it’s a tweetable:
“If you're tawkin’ to everybody, you're tawkin’ to nobody.”
These five strategies are just the tip of the iceberg with what Help Scout is doing
right. I'm a huge fan and I am sure they will continue to wow us. Now before we wrap up,
one final lesson: if you ever catch yourself saying “does the world really need another
blank?” Yes, they do. Think about Help Scout. You don’t have to be the first people in
the marketplace or even the biggest, but remembers, there's probably someone out there crying,
wanting to tear their hair out hoping your company will come and save them.
Now lets turn the focus back to you. As always, insight without action is worthless. Out of
everything we talked about today, I want to hear about this in the comments. What's the
one strategy that you can take from what we talked about to help your customers feels
more deeply understood and like they're really in the right place?
As always the best discussions happen after the episode over at MarieForleo.com so go
there and leave a comment now.
Did you like this new segment? I love this kind of stuff. If you did, subscribe to our
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Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special
gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time
on MarieTV.


五項值得的策略 (Branding: 5 Steal-Worthy Strategies)

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