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  • hey guys, I am here today to talk to you about

  • a serious subject bullying. unfortunately bullying is very common amongst girls

  • and guys but the problem is with girls it's harder to spot

  • because girls do a little bit more the psychological warfare

  • you talking behind your back the gossip the rumors

  • things like that and many times a group of girls can be really really mean

  • they may pick on you because you don't look like them or maybe you're considered

  • really smart or you know you don't wear the hottest

  • earliest and designer fashions unfortunately in this may be very true

  • story for many

  • you so I have some advice how to combat bullying

  • it number one definitely speak to your teachers

  • and your family. Let the adults know. they should be aware what's going on in case

  • anything ever escalates. number two

  • hold a confident front you see lot of times please pick on people that they

  • think

  • week or unable to stand up for themselves don't worry about all that

  • you have strengths a play into that hold your head high

  • and show confidence. number three fine leadership

  • activities are other strengths. join the drama club join the debate team

  • do something that really plays up to your strengths. when you surround yourself with

  • people that share similar interests

  • all those other people just seem like back number four

  • and this one's a little easier said than done stay with me here

  • basically shrug it off it is one period in your life

  • maybe a few incidents in the grand scheme of things none of this will

  • matter

  • they know it seems like that's crazy and it's so important happening right now

  • but ultimately people will grow up and go their separate ways

  • you won't be around these girls anymore lastly

  • number five is make other friends you don't have to be friends with them

  • they're not people that share your interests that can foster

  • real sense great community in confidence for you and stay away from those girls

  • it is what a group but then it how many people are in the school

  • please don't even worry about it look may times bullying basically just stems

  • from jealousy

  • damn right you're smart damn right you're pretty so

  • shrug all of and remember that in the end forget these losers

  • grow on and who knows maybe just peaked in peace the

  • but that's it for say that was so hopefully that helps you out a bit

  • and if you want more information you can always email me or sms me in reach out

  • let me know how it's going and that's it, so subscribe to our channel and I'll see

  • you guys later

hey guys, I am here today to talk to you about


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制止校園欺凌的技巧和方法 (Tips and ways to stop bullying at schools)

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