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  • Hey Ted, I heard you're a good refrigerator repair man so I thought it would be wise to

  • ask you about this problem I've been having with my unit lately.

  • Sure Al, go ahead. I'll try to provide you with the best tips I can, since we're good

  • friends. But don't expect me to do that with the friends you'll send to me afterwards,

  • so they can get free repair tips.

  • I promise last week was the last time.

  • OK then, hit me grandpa!

  • Haha, so the thing is that my refrigerator is freezing food and it really makes me very

  • angry. I wanted to enjoy a hotdog yesterday, but when it thawed, it tasted like crap.

  • Oh, this issue. I can tell you that the most common cause for this is losing refrigerant.

  • Really?

  • When this starts happening, the pressure in the system will drop, which will result in

  • the food in your fridge to start freezing. It's a bit complicated and in a few days,

  • your fridge will start warming up.

  • This seems that a time sensitive issue for which I don't have the time or mood. Ah, I

  • hate these problems.

  • Who doesn't? Anyway, you may also be dealing with a frozen thermistor which is basically

  • a sensor that’s responsible with monitoring the air temperature.

  • Could this be it?

  • If it's defective, your refrigerator may cool continuously or may not cool at all.

  • Hm, I understand. Anything else I should know?

  • Lastly, it could be your control board is defective. Most of the times, these boards

  • are misdiagnosed so be sure you'll have all of your other components checked to be sure

  • this is the cause of your problem.

  • You really know your stuff Ted, I appreciate your help a lot.

  • Don't mention it man, take care!

Hey Ted, I heard you're a good refrigerator repair man so I thought it would be wise to


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我的冰箱把食物凍住了! (My Refrigerator is Freezing Food!)

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