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  • GingerfeedS Presents 10 Typos That Cost Millions Of Dollars

    GingerfeedS 播映,十個打字的失誤造成數百萬元損失的例子

  • Number One: Hyphens don’t usually score high on the list of most important punctuation.

    第一個: 連字符號通常不是最重要的標點符號

  • But a single dash led to absolute failure for NASA in 1962 in the case of Mariner 1,


  • America’s first interplanetary probe. The mission was simple: get up close and personal

    徹底失敗。這個任務很簡單: 將探測器送上太空

  • with close neighbor Venus. But a single missing hyphen in the coding used to set trajectory


  • and speed caused the craft to explode just minutes after takeoff. 2001: A Space Odyssey


  • novelist Arthur C. Clarke called itthe most expensive hyphen in history.”

    C. Clarke稱他為「歷史上最貴的連字符號」

  • Number Two: A missing letter cost one sloppy eBay seller more than half-a-mill on the 150-year-old

    第二個: 少一個字母讓一位粗心的eBay賣家在一瓶150年老的啤酒拍賣中

  • beer he was auctioning. Few collectors knew a bottle of Allsopp’s Arctic Ale was up

    損失超過五十萬美元。有一些收藏家知道有一瓶Allsopp酒廠的Arctic Ale正在競標

  • for bid, because it was listed with a single 'P' instead of two. One eagle-eyed bidder


  • hit a payday of Antiques Roadshow proportions when he came across the rare booze, purchased


  • it for $304, then immediately re-sold it for $503,300.


  • Number Three: Not even the heavenly father is immune to occasional inattention to detail.

    第三個: 即使是神聖的神父也沒辦法避免偶爾發生的粗心行為

  • In 1631, London’s Baker Book House rewrote the 10 Commandments when a missing word in

    1631年,倫敦的Baker Book House重新撰寫了十誡,但卻在第七誡少寫了一個字

  • the seventh directive declared, “Thou shalt commit adultery.” Parliament was not singing


  • hallelujah; they declared that all erroneous copies of the Good Bookwhich came to be


  • known asThe Wicked Bible”—be destroyed and fined the London publisher 3000 pounds.


  • Number Four:. A plate of tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto would typically only

    第四個: 一盤義式乾麵加上沙丁魚與煙燻五香火腿一般來說

  • be offensive to a vegetarian’s senses. But an unfortunate blunder in The Pasta Bible,


  • published by Penguin Australia in 2010, recommended seasoning the dish withsalt and freshly


  • ground black people.” Though no recall was made of the books already in circulation,


  • the printer quickly destroyed all 7000 remaining copies in its inventory.


  • Number Five: . Online trading was still in its relative infancy in 1994, a fact Juan

    第五個: 在1994年,當時線上交易相對上仍不是那麼普及,事實上

  • Pablo Davila will never forget. It all started when the former copper traderwho was employed

    Juan Pablo Davila將永遠也不會忘記。這一切是開始於他擔任金屬銅交易員

  • by Chile’s government-owned company Codelcomistakenly bought stock he was trying to sell. After

    --受雇於智利政府的國營公司 Codelco--誤買了他原本試著要賣掉的庫存

  • realizing the error, he went on a bit of a trading rampagebuying and selling enough


  • stock that, by day’s end, he had cost the company/country $175 million. Davila was,


  • of course, fired. And Codelco ended up filing suit against Merrill Lynch, alleging that


  • the brokerage allowed Davila to make unauthorized trades. Merrill coughed up $25 million to


  • settle the disputebut not before a new word entered the popular lexicon: davilar,


  • a verb used to indicate a screw-up of epic magnitude.


  • Number Six: In December 2005, Japan’s Mizuho Securities introduced a new member to its

    第六個: 2005年12月,日本的瑞穗證券大宗交易部投資了

  • portfolio of offerings, a recruitment company called J-Com Co., nicely priced at 610,000

    一間新上市的公司J-Com Co., 股價為每股61萬日圓

  • yen per share. Less than a year later, one of the company’s traders made more than


  • a simple boo-boo when he sold 610,000 shares at one yen apiece. No amount of pleading to


  • the Tokyo Stock Exchange could reverse the error.


  • Number Seven: And you thought alien sightings were the only interesting thing happening

    第七個: 你以為看到外星人僅是發生在新墨西哥州拉茲威市

  • in Roswell, New Mexico! In 2007, a local car dealership came up with a brilliant plan to


  • stimulate sluggish sales: mail out 50,000 scratch tickets, one of which would reveal


  • a $1000 cash prize. But Atlanta-based Force Events Direct Marketing Company mistakenly

    但位於亞特蘭大的這家Force Events Direct Marketing市調公司卻錯誤的

  • upped the ante when they printed said scratch tickets, making every one of them a grand-prize


  • winner, for a grand payout of $50 million. Unable to honor the debt, the dealership instead


  • offered a $5 Walmart gift certificate for every winning ticket.


  • Number Eight: Humans and computers don’t always play well together. In 2006, New York

    第八個: 人類和電腦並不總是合作無間的。

  • City comptroller William Thompson admitted that a typoan extra letter, to be precisecaused

    2006年,紐約市的一位審計官William Thompson承認了一個打字上的失誤--多打了個字母

  • its accounting software to misinterpret a document, leading the city’s Department


  • of Education to double its transportation spending (shelling out $2.8 million instead of $1.4 million).

    運輸費用高出兩倍 (支付了2千8百萬美元,而不是原本的1千4百萬美元)

  • Number Nine: . Not to be outdone, just last month, New York City’s Transportation Authority

    第九個: 然而這種事沒有就此止步,上個月,紐約市的運輸當局

  • had to recall 160,000 maps and posters that announced the recent hike for the minimum


  • amount put on pay-per-ride cards from $4.50 to $5.00. The problem? A typographical error


  • that listed thenewprice as $4.50. Oops! Of course, it will only take 100,000


  • rides on the 6 train to make up the difference. So straphangers lose (yet again).


  • Number Ten: Remember the Yellow Pages? Yeah, well Banner Travel Services would like to

    第十個: 還記得黃頁簿嗎?嗯,好吧,Banner Travel Services公司應該會想忘了它

  • forget them. Years ago, the now-shuttered Sonoma, California-based travel agency decided


  • to market its services in the phone book ... only to find that the final printing advertised


  • its specialization in exotic destinations as a forte ineroticdestinations. The


  • typo certainly piqued the interest of some new customers, just not the kind of clientele


  • the company was hoping to attract. The printer offered to waive its $230 monthly listing


  • fee, but Banner sued for $10 million anyway.


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GingerfeedS Presents 10 Typos That Cost Millions Of Dollars

GingerfeedS 播映,十個打字的失誤造成數百萬元損失的例子

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10 個造成上百萬損失的錯字 (10 Typos That Cost Millions Of Dollars)

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