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  • you find me on the firefighter so tell me why you still get burned you seeing

  • that just allow your

  • it's not the one that you want to first every time you lie to

  • try

  • me

  • me but it's

  • so complicated planning

  • show

  • yeah

  • yeah

  • yeah

  • yeah

  • yeah

  • yeah

  • so

  • it's over

  • it made you are me

  • close

  • we have a store maybe I don't know

  • why try

  • yeah

  • I

  • are you but it's constant

  • so complicated where

  • yeah

  • yeah

  • this

  • it's not

  • so good

  • yeah

  • but so good

  • yeah

  • yeah

  • haha

  • what's going on everybody good morning and evening whatever time of the day or

  • night it is and what you're watching this thank you so much for doing so your

  • time is very valuable i understand there are ten other things you could be doing

  • so for you to get that play button that like button

  • I really appreciate it this song I heard about three months ago and my mind was

  • blown I heard it on pandora the search for it on youtube then I saw the

  • official video three months ago I not called brands like dude we got it do

  • this song this song should be way more popular than it already is

  • I hope that my version of this song builds it its popularity just a little

  • bit more

  • this song is such a relatable track

  • I know some of you somewhere out there are dealing with a situation where this

  • song is your life in a nutshell i hope this song encourage you and inspires you

  • and helps you get rid of any of that junk that you need to or helps you let

  • go of any of that stuff that you don't want to I really put my heart and soul

  • into everything that I do i hope you do too i hope you enjoy these videos thank

  • you so much for watching be sure to subscribe to my channel so you can stay

  • up-to-date on the latest and greatest videos and vlogs i'm releasing another

  • one next week I'm so sorry for the delay in this 1i hope that it was well worth

  • the wait

  • I'm actually giving the song away for free below click that link right below

  • in the description and write in the comments what song you want me to do

  • next because i already got one in the works and you're gonna be seeing it next

  • week but again enjoy this free download of my version of hurts so good we'll see

  • the next video guys your love far more than you could ever know peace cats

you find me on the firefighter so tell me why you still get burned you seeing


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A2 初級 美國腔

阿斯特里德S - 傷害這麼好 (Astrid S - Hurts So Good)

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