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military men went to china on the floor chinese delegation is shown in the new
canal building project
freemen ask the delegation ought to ask you why do you have mended in this canal
using troubles how come you're not using earth movers are bulldozers any member
of the chinese delegation responded of twelfth we would use the big scenes we
wouldn't be able to create as many jobs intrinsic awaits a jobs creation program
i thought you wanted to build the canal if it's jobs you want to take away their
shovels engines
job creation is that a lot of people slipped especially politicians i would
argue that creating new jobs is easy
hits the creation of wealth that's hard
for example we could destroy all farmers sheet that would create millions of new
farm jobs overnight but i don't think anyone think that's the real solutions
to our front the flight data economic progress comes not so much what we
create jobs that using who would destroy jobs that we no longer
a hundred years ago over forty percent of the population was involved in and
cultural jobs once were
today that's under two percent that agricultural output has grown thanks to
mechanization and the invention of all kinds of pharmacy
i happen to those old agricultural jobs
as mechanization is made farm products cheaper people had to spend lots of
their money and food and are able to spend their money up other kinds of
things the story isn't progress has been our ability to eliminate viacom icing on
the sketches resource involved
in order to make the things that uh... of course new innovations don't happen
on what's gonna happen gradually over time all technological innovation means
that workers have to learn new skills and some are likely to be unemployed for
some period of time
and while that unemployment is bad the alternatives our work
these labor transitions are the price we pay for economic progress to prevent
them would be the whole growth innovation and reduction um... job
destruction also sing with him
but we need options
new jobs income often have replaced the old jobs that were once again
of course the twentieth century we've gone from the nation's farm jobs from
industrial jobs service jobs
and market signals can indicate the people what sorts of skills they should
be investing in and where the new jobs in the future governments do not have
the same
in fact
many government jobs programs are really about meeting the needs of politicians
not the needs of consumers marketplace governments are going to creating work
but they're not good extreme value generating joke
it is valuable jobs you want need people like bill gates received doctors who
know how to create value and generate meaningful job
the best job creation program history
is the free market and the entrepreneurship the gym


政府創造工作了嗎? (Does Government Create Jobs?)

130 分類 收藏
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