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  • Tech giant Yahoo! says it has been hacked by a "state-sponsored actor"


  • Names, email addresses, and some security information was stolen from more than half a billion Yahoo! accounts in 2014, in what is the biggest known data breach to date

    高達五億帳戶的用戶姓名、電子郵件以及一些安全資訊在 2014 年被竊取,這是史上最大規模的資料外洩案例

  • The chief executive of US bank Wells Fargo has stepped down from an advisory position at the Federal Reserve


  • John Stumpf's resignation comes amid a scandal over some two million fee-generating accounts that were opened at the bank without customers' knowledge

    斯頓夫的請辭源於銀行被爆出其未經顧客同意開了多達 200 萬賬戶

  • The US Department of Labor is investigating how the bank treated its staff


  • And diplomatic efforts to stop the fighting in Syria are at an impasse


  • The Syrian military announced a new offensive in the city of Aleppo, even as ceasefire talks are continuing in New York


  • Syrian warplanes pounded rebel-held areas of the city on Friday, where about 250,000 people are trapped

    敘利亞戰機在星期五空襲了城市裡反叛軍佔領的區域,這裡仍有 25 萬人受困

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Welcome to FirstFT here, today's top stories

歡迎收看 FirstFT,這是今日的頭條新聞


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