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  • This is the port district of Tel Aviv. It’s a popular shopping area, and the perfect place

  • to meet up with Dror Sharon, a former member of the Air Force, and now the founder of Consumer Physics.

  • The company raised $2.7 million via a huge Kickstarter campaign so that it could

  • produce a device called the SCiO, which may soon change the way we shop for groceries.

  • When you think about it, how do you make your selection today?

  • Grab it and feel how firm it is.

  • So it’s good, but you might want to have some scientific backing to what youre doing.

  • Right.

  • The SCiO replaces your grandmother’s squeeze test - sorry, grandma - to tell you the best

  • cucumber or tomato to pick.

  • In an instant, it displays the food’s calorie, fat and sugar content.

  • It’s the quickest way to finding the perfect potato.

  • That’s cool. It’s really cool.

  • And you can actually train yourself

  • I mean this is like some Star Trek S*** right?!

  • A spectrometer usually looks like this. It’s a big ole hunk of scientific gear that can

  • peer into things and determine their properties. Rather incredibly, the SCiO shrinks much of

  • the same technology down onto a chip. It zaps an object with near infrared light, stirs

  • up its molecules and tells a story about the object. As people go around zapping things

  • with the SCiO, the objects get put into a database - this then becomes a giant log of

  • all the materials in our world.

  • That sounds all well and good,

  • but how would the SCiO fair against one of mankind’s most mysterious creations.

  • This is the cheese test. Good ole American Velveeta.

  • The label is 290, here its 300.

  • So it’s almost spot on! What’s the fat percentage on the label?

  • 23

  • 23 and youre 25!

  • The SCiO’s value should go well beyond kumquats and industrialized cheese.

  • It can help farmersdecide when to harvest their crops,

  • it can detect watered down fuel at shady gas stations,

  • and It can tell real medicines from fake pills.

  • When you think of health care actually, it's not about what youre buying it's actually

  • tracking your well being over time

  • Ok!

  • and instead of sending stuff to the lab youll actually be able to measure it on yourself.

  • Dror even sees a future for this device in your bathroom.

  • You can measure teeth, you can measure saliva, you can measure hair, you can measure urine,

  • you can measure the other thing so there's a ton of stuff and people tell us that theyre

  • going to use it for clinical trials.

  • So I’m gonna take my smartphone into the toilet.

  • Well it'll probably be inside your toilet already.

  • Oh right, yea, that make sense.

This is the port district of Tel Aviv. It’s a popular shopping area, and the perfect place


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這個小裝置能告訴你你所吃的食物中到底含有什麼成分。 (This Little Device Tells You What's Really in the Food You Eat)

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