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  • We have a saying in our house that says:

  • "The vitamins you don't eat, can't help you>"

  • What that means if you don't take them, they're not going to do you any good.

  • The same applies for people who take medications. Now I can go to the store and

  • buy all these things that are good for my immune system, and my heart, and my skin,

  • and my cholesterol, but if I don't take them, they aren't going to do me any good.

  • So I can store them in my cupboard, but once they're out of sight, they're out of mind and I

  • often forget. So here's a really simple solution...

  • for taking your vitamins every single day and never forgetting.

  • You do this once a month - I pull all my vitamins out on the cupboard so I can see them

  • with the eyes and I know what I need to take.

  • I've gone to the dollar store and bought these little sauce cups.

  • Buy yourself some. It's a one-time investment and you'll use them for the rest of your life.

  • Thenn I've gone to the store

  • let's say the craft department at Walmart or any arts and crafts store

  • and I've bought a little pack of bead bags.

  • Then I take a magic marker and I write AN

  • for Angela and p.m. (for Evening). or an AN/AM for

  • angela's morning vitamins / AN=PM (Evening Vitamins). Once I have the vitamins

  • all separated into little cups take the cup

  • I pour it into the bag. I take the bag

  • seal it, and I put it into a bigger bag. Now have a whole month's supply of vitamins

  • right here at my fingertips, and these little packs go with me in my purse,

  • they go with me in my gym bag, in my travel bag, or

  • even in my lunchbox. Every day when I pack the lunch, I connect the

  • vitamins to the front of the lunch box.

  • So that when I open the lunch box, I see them there "Oh my goodness

  • it's time for me to take my vitamins." So that's an easy way for me to never

  • forget

  • "The vitamins you don't take, can't help you."

  • So, Take your vitamins. It's a Good Idea!

  • It's a Good Idea!

We have a saying in our house that says:


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服用您的維生素--這是一個好主意。 (Take Your Vitamins - It's a Good Idea)

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