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  • Todays' good idea comes from Brenda Blanton. Now Brenda spent a lot of time last night

  • in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport looking for a person who had left their iPad

  • in their airline seat. By the time they brought the iPad to Brenda

  • we didn't know what flight, we didn't know what seat, there was no way of looking it

  • up in the airline records. Now because of the security that we type in

  • on our electronics to keep people from knowing our business, she was unable to log in and

  • find out their email or their phone number or any of the information about the person

  • that belonged to this iPad. Now if you are like me, you use your electronics

  • for everything. I know for me, my cell phone is my grocery list, it's got my apps on it

  • for depositing bank information, I pay my bills online, it's everything from Facetime

  • to Skype, to email to texts to phone calls, it's all right here.

  • Scheduling, calendars, you name it. If I lost my cell phone, I would be so devastated

  • and at a loss. This happened to me once.

  • For me I tape my business card to the back of my cell phone behind the cover. And then

  • in the even that it ever goes missing, maybe somebody will find it and return it to me.

  • Like I say, this happened once. I was at a restaurant and it slid behind my...

  • out of my coat pocket, and slid behind the bench where I was sitting.

  • And that night when somebody cleaned up, and they cleaned behind those cushions, they found

  • my cell phone and they couldn't call me, I mean obviously they have my phone so they

  • can't call me, but they dropped it in a Fed Ex pack and I received my phone back before

  • the charge on the phone was even dead. Now I was more than happy to reimburse them

  • for the Fed Ex charges but I tell you what. I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled,

  • to get my phone back. So, in the event that you, nobody plans on

  • losing or leaving their electronics behind, we don't do that on purpose because they are

  • very expensive, but in the even that you do, make sure it's labeled.

  • Make sure you have a business card on your laptop, or your iPad or your cell phone or

  • any of the other electronics that you carry, in hopes that you might get them back.

  • So, Thanks Brenda for bringing that to our attention, because that is a good idea.

  • Guess what? It's a good idea.

Todays' good idea comes from Brenda Blanton. Now Brenda spent a lot of time last night


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失物招領--手機、Ipad--這是一個好主意。 (Lost and Found - Cell Phone, Ipad - It's a Good Idea)

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