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That shield doesn't belong to you.
You don't deserve it.
My father made that shield.
Well crap...
How am I gonna get home? Cap?
My suit's broken. Hello?
Are you just gonna leave me here?
Capppp!!! Oh, Panther, buddy, you're here!
And you caught Zima? Zemo.
Whatever. Hey can you give me a lift? My suit's..
kind of busted because...
Captain America beat you to pieces?
How did you lose to Captain America?
He punches really hard, ok?!
Look, if you don't help me, I am stuck here.
Don't you have a satellite that can save you?
Look, I've had an extremely emotional day.
I dont want wanna wait for Veronica. It's freezing!
Can you give me a lift or not?
Come on. Come on!!!
Seriously, not one extra seat?!
Would you prefer to sit in the cargo hold?
Maybe! I didn't know you were trying to be Batman up in here.
I am nothing like Batman.
Look, I thought you were a king... don't you have like an entourage or something?
I expected more from you, Panther.
Are you always like this after you have been beaten in a battle that you should have had no problem winning?
I was outnumbered, you know...
That is so sad for you. Was that your first time to be outnumbered?
You keep outta this, Zebra!
It is Zemo!
Whatever, this is all your fault you know.
Hehehe I know it is and it is glorious!
You son of a... I'll kill you!
Get over here!
That is it! Ugh after this, I'm joining Team Captain America.
Ahhh man!!!
I hate you Zelda. It's Zemooooo!!!


HISHE - 美國隊長 內戰 另外結局 (Captain America: Civil War Alternate HISHE)

1260 分類 收藏
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