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  • I've wanted to make this video for a long time.

  • In this American English pronunciation video, we'll go over how to pronounce

  • 'wanted', 'want it', and more.

  • I get quite a few questions about the word 'wanted' and I can understand why.

  • What do you notice about how I pronounce that word?

  • Wanted.

  • He wanted to come but he couldn't.

  • I wanted that.

  • I'm not pronouncing it 'wanted', am I?

  • Most of the time, Americans drop the T in this word.

  • This is common when the T follows the N. You may have noticed this word being pronounced

  • 'ce-ner' with no T or 'i-nerview', 'in-ernet', no T. Just like in 'wanna'.

  • The vowel in the stressed syllable here can go one of two ways.

  • It can be the AH as in 'father' vowel or the UH as in 'butter' vowel.

  • I pronounce it with the UH as in 'butter' vowel so the first syllable sounds just like the word 'won'.

  • Wanted.

  • I wanted--

  • I wanted to leave earlier.

  • Let's take a look at this word up close and in slow motion.

  • The lips come in to a tight circle for the W sound.

  • Then they relax into the vowel.

  • Wuh-- Next, watch the tongue.

  • It flaps against the roof of the mouth for the N and comes right back down for the unstressed IH vowel.

  • And now the tongue goes back up for the ending D. Let's watch again.

  • Keep the tongue nice and wide and loose when it flaps up for the N. Wuhn-n-n-n.

  • Wanted.

  • Now, let's look at some phrases with 'want'.

  • When it's followed by a vowel, drop the T. Just like in 'wanted'.

  • I want it.

  • Notice this sounds just like 'I won it'.

  • Won it.

  • No T in 'want'.

  • I want another one.

  • Again, followed by a vowel, you can drop the T in 'want'.

  • I want another.

  • But when want is followed by a consonant, we make a stop T.

  • I want these.

  • I want this.

  • I want that.

  • Do you hear the little breaking sound?

  • I want that.

  • Your tongue will be in position for the NT just to a quick stop of air.

  • I want-- that. I want that.

  • I want these.

  • Pronouncing 'wanted' and 'wan't like this, like Americans, will make it easier to sound just

  • a little more natural when speaking English.

  • Practice with me.

  • Wanted.

  • I wanted it.

  • Want another.

  • I want another one.

  • Want more.

  • I want more please.

  • Want one.

  • Remember the rules are for sounds, not letters.

  • 'One' starts with the vowel letter O but the first sound is the W consonant.

  • So make the T in 'want' a stop T. Want one.

  • I want one more.

  • Want everyone. I want everyone to be happy.

  • Great job. Pronounce these words this way to sound natural.

  • If youre new to Rachel’s English, welcome.

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  • That’s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel’s English.

I've wanted to make this video for a long time.


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如何給 "WANTED "發音 - 美式英語 (How to Pronounce WANTED – American English)

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