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  • Where the hell am I?

  • It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

  • Uh, no thanks.

  • Take it, just take it! Take it!

  • Alright fine, I'll take it.

  • Got any change?

  • Sorry, no.

  • Look, I need money for the bus and I gave you that sword.

  • The least you could...

  • Wow, cool!

  • What the hell are you wearing?

  • Man, you look like Robin Hood if he was in a ballet about being a dumbass.

  • Take it back.

  • Or what?

  • Or I swear to Kokiri Village I'll slice the two of you into...

  • Oh, man..

  • You want to get yo' ass beat?!

  • What? Come at me bro!

  • What's a fat Goron like you gonna do against a sword like mine...

  • And don't ever call me a Goron!

  • What does that even mean, a game(gay) moron?

  • Either way it's mean and politically incorrect.

  • Quit making that stupid noise!

  • You can use a fairy.

  • Jesus, I thought I killed you!

  • Anyway, what did you want me to do.

  • Use a fairy?

  • Hola boys! You want to party?

  • No. A fairy!

  • Get it, gross! Get it away! No!

  • Finally, a pot store.

  • I can go in there, break some pots, and then give me some rupees.

  • Wrong kind of pot store.

  • And I named my horse "Your Mom".

  • that way I can always say, "I'm riding Your Mom".

  • Haha, moms

  • Hello!

  • Can you sstop doing that?!

  • You should really throw a bomb at them if you want to teach them a lesson.

  • First, you have to equip the bomb from your inventory.

  • Then, select the desired angle and then toss it.

  • But you need to make sure you throw it before it starts flashing red

  • because that means it's about to explode.

  • Well, on to more important things.

  • You can also roll the bombs now which is great new feature...

  • 翻譯、字幕:里昂Lion 史萊恩資訊網

Where the hell am I?


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