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  • The thing about consulting is it allows you

  • to do a lot with a very specific skill set.

  • So, what I'm good at is basically

  • problem solving and breaking stuff downthinking about it analytically.

  • But what consulting does is it sort of provides

  • the Archimedes' Lever:

  • It's a place where I can stand

  • and use my talent to move the earth.

  • When we have our Welcome Day at INSEAD,

  • we welcome all the new students in this bigger auditorium.

  • And usually, they know that they want to change something,

  • but they don't really know exactly what they want to do next.

  • And my role is to design a programme of activities for our students

  • in order for them to get ready to get jobs in consulting.

  • So it starts by understanding what is the sector,

  • the day-to-day job of a consultant

  • until getting ready for the interview.

  • Ever since I joined consulting, I have worked in six countries

  • on a variety of topics from market growth, strategy

  • to operational excellence and capital productivity.

  • So it is something I really enjoy.

  • As a career changer, I thought the Career Development Centre

  • was extremely helpful.

  • They ran group sessions or even one-on-one coaching sessions

  • on how to write a better resume, on improving my interview skills;

  • and they have someone looking after consulting

  • and having those relationships with the consulting firms.

  • And they can advise you on which consulting firms you should apply for.

  • Our department works with 130 consulting firms globally.

  • So, it's like an iceberg, you know, you have, like,

  • 25 consulting firms that come on campus every six months

  • to recruit actively across locations,

  • and you also have lots of lots of other companies

  • with which we have a very strong relationship.

  • In order for INSEAD to attract the best employers,

  • I think it's very important that you attract the best students,

  • because that's what we come to you for.

  • And with INSEAD students they have a real resilience,

  • and they have a very flexible mindset as well.

  • And both of those attributes really work for us,

  • because the markets in which we operate

  • individuals need to be very agile to adapt to them.

  • Consulting firms are looking for people who are extremely well rounded.

  • So, not only book smart but also

  • people who can really work with others.

  • And they're looking for people who have strong analytical,

  • quantitative, and problem solving skills.

  • When I got my offer from McKinsey,

  • I knew that this is going to be a very different career,

  • and what was great is that this journey has been

  • a very natural continuation to my experience at INSEAD,

  • because just like INSEAD, life at McKinsey is very dynamic,

  • very international, and gives me the opportunity

  • to reach my full potential.

  • So, we have the knowledge. We have the expertise.

  • And it makes a very strong combination at the end.

  • So when I talk to some senior partners,

  • what do they have to say about INSEAD?

  • "We love the school. We love the school. Why?

  • Because of your students: They climb up the ladder,

  • they're not going to stay one or two years as a consultant,

  • they will grow with us. And this is what we want."

The thing about consulting is it allows you


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