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  • This has nothing to do with physics, but I want to make a bet with you and 99 other people:

    這無關物理學 但我想跟你和其他99人打個賭

  • 100 in total. You'll all stand in a line, take a one dollar bill out of your pocket


  • and write your position in line on the bill. Then I'll collect the bills, take them to

    並且把你在線上的位置號碼寫在錢上 然後我會收集那些錢,把它們拿去

  • a separate room, put each one into its own one of 100 identical boxes, and randomly rearrange

    另一個房間 把每張照順序放進各個盒子,並且重新隨機

  • the boxes.


  • The game is this: each of you come into the room and try to find which box your bill is

    遊戲是這樣的: 你們各自來到這個房間並試著找裝有你的錢的盒子

  • in - but you're only allowed to come in one at a time, you're only allowed to peek in


  • half of the boxes, and you aren't allowed to change anything about the boxes or move


  • bills around. If you find your own bill, great! Show me that you've succeeded and then leave

    如果你發現你自己的錢,太棒了! 告訴我,你已經成功了,並且把

  • the bill in its box. And regardless of whether or not you find your bill, you have to leave

    那張錢留在原處 不論你是否找到你的錢,你還是得從

  • the room by a different route so you can't tell anyone else what you've seen, and the

    不同的走道離開房間, 所以你無法告訴別人你所看到的

  • room is then reset before the next person comes in.


  • At the end, if all 100 of you have successfully found your own bills, you all win and I'll

    在結束時 如果全部的人都成功發現自己的錢,你們就贏了

  • give each of you a hundred dollars plus the one you started with! But if any one of you

    還有我會給你們每個人一百元 加上你一開始拿出來的錢!但是,如果你們沒有任何人

  • doesn't find your bill… I keep all the dollars. You are allowed to plan a strategy together

    找到自己的錢......我會把所有的都收走 你們可以規劃一個共同的策略

  • with the other players before any of you come into the room, but no communication afterwards.


  • The question is this: should you take the bet?


  • To recap, every person gets to look in half of the boxes, there's no communication between

    總體來說 每個人都可以看到一半的箱子,就算彼此在進房後

  • players after they go into the room, and you only win if every single person finds their


  • own bill. $101 dollar payout if you win, nothing if you lose.

    如果你贏了會有101元的獎金 但如果你輸了就什麼都沒有

  • Take a moment to think about it, then click the links on screen or in the description

    花點時間想想,然後點一下 在螢幕上或影片說明中的連結

  • to make your choice - and find out what the correct answer is.

    做出你的選擇 - 並找出正確的答案是什麼

This has nothing to do with physics, but I want to make a bet with you and 99 other people:

這無關物理學 但我想跟你和其他99人打個賭


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A2 初級 中文 盒子 房間 箱子 找到 偷看 獎金

不可能的賭注 (An Impossible Bet)

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