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So, the thing you need to understand about the female sex drive is that, in general,
it’s typically less than the male sex drive, because the principle driver of sexual libido
or lustful feelings is testosterone. Women just naturally have less testosterone than
men. That being said, if you’re in a new relationship, it’s called, like, the romantic
cocktail, that adrenaline, that dopamine will shoot up anybody's drive; where you don’t
even notice things like, not getting good sleep. So, just appreciate that for any given
woman, her drive may be less than yours, but there will certainly be times during her cycle
that she notices feeling more randy or horny, like around ovulation or some women, even
when they get their period. Just noticing when your partner is feeling more responsive
and turned on, helps you both think about how you can capitalize on those windows to
increase the frequency of sex that feels really enjoyable to both of you. I think it’s also
important to realize that, for women, there’s a range of their own appetite. We lean from,
some that may feel, quite comparable to what we see in men, and to others on the other
end of the distribution, where they barely think about sex. So, you have to realize that
for your partner, sex isn’t on the brain, it isn’t on the radar. It doesn’t mean
that it can’t get to that space, but it does mean that she does need some additional
stimulation to sort of coax her, to get her to that place, what I call, open and receptive,
because not all desire is born out of feeling it initially before a sexual experience starts.
For some, it’s more, I’m open to where this is going to go and it’s actually your
touch, and your caress that feels good, feels nice, and then lo and behold, she too is beginning
to feel the desire and arousal to move it toward a more sexual experience. The important
thing to realize is, even for any given woman, her love, love desire is likely to change
over even the course of a month, and certainly over the course of her lifetime. So just try
to get a sense of where her turn-ons are, and how do you both make the most opportunity
of those windows where she’s open and receptive


關於女性性慾的 6 件實事 - 性心理學 (6 Facts about Female Sex Drive | Psychology of Sex)

848 分類 收藏
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