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  • [music]

  • Bree: We had a little time before we start Shae's earth bag bedroom.

  • So, we are going ahead and squeeze in a recording studio.

  • That's no small task.

  • [music]

  • After all, we do need to fill in the gigantic hole next to Bryson's earth bag bedroom.

  • [music]

  • Gary: When we had Jeff out to dig the hole, we were really pre-planning to have the studio

  • done at the same time.

  • Bryson: It's really, really deep.

  • Here, look at that.

  • So, if we go this way, here is the latter.

  • I'm going to get up here and I want to show you.

  • There, we get the whole crater.

  • [music]

  • Shelly: We noticed that the walls were kind of starting to fall in a little bit.

  • So, we decided to lay that foundation layer.

  • Gary: That would be, I would say, pretty close to the center.

  • Shelly: Just to insure that it wouldn't get buried because it was going to be quite a

  • few months before we would start building on it.

  • Bryson: We dug a trench all the way around the outside edges of where the walls were

  • going to be.

  • [music]

  • Gary: We are taking the rock and putting it inside the foundation and we're going to be

  • setting the walls on...

  • We had originally planned to have a whole bunch of rock brought in so that we could

  • stack the two wall on top of each other like a two story building would be.

  • We kind of changed our mind a little bit, we are able to expand the top section so that

  • we could encompass the stairwell.

  • Shelly: It's your high tech level mechanism.

  • Shae: We are like using two shovels and a string to level it all.

  • Gary: It happens to be right there.

  • It looks good.

  • Right here Shae.

  • Shae: I had gone through before and just kind of checked it and eye bald it.

  • Oh It's level.

  • And the guys came in and there starting to level it and it's getting less and less level.

  • And they would like...

  • It needs to go up.

  • It's just like, no.

  • [music]

  • Bryson: We used some rail road ties for the entry and we just kind of buried them and

  • then on the top we went ahead and cut one shorter to put on the top.

  • Got a Drill bit?

  • Gary: Drills some holes.

  • Bryson: And then we took rebar and we banged it to hold the thing together.

  • And that will the entry downstairs.

  • It's going to be a little bit challenging to get this thing in the ground.

  • Shelly: It's started Uh Guys?

  • Bryson: Yup.

  • [music]

  • Shelly: Bryson's got his new hair cut Bryson: It's cooler.

  • Cooler because I don't have that hair on me.

  • And Cooler because I look cooler.

  • Shelly: No comment over there?

  • Popsicle girl?

  • So, why didn't you bring one for all of us?

  • [music]

  • Bree: We're building a sound studio because we want to improve on multiple things.

  • So, it will be, not only a sound studio but it will be a studio where maybe we can put in

  • a green screen, just kind of improve on the quality on all of our production.

  • And then the upstairs is going to be more for projects.

  • Shae: We have really been needing a sound studio and art studio. So...

  • I'm excited to have a place to work on my costumes and family to work with.

  • Bree: When we have more significant progress, we will be bringing you part two.

  • [music]

  • Well, I should say, what was it?

  • I'm suppose to say super secret bunker, but I guess it's not a secret anymore.

  • So never mind.

  • Recording studio.

  • [music]

  • Shae: Please subscribe.

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  • Thanks for watching.

  • Gary: (German Accent) We taken zee rock from zee truck and we're putting in zee foundation below.

  • So ven za valls, I stack on zere won't fall over.

  • And stuff like that zat.

  • That's what we're doing.



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