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  • As you learned exclusively on this show


  • Apple unveiled their new iPhone 7 yesterday

    蘋果昨天發表了他們的新 iPhone 7

  • It's not coming out until September 16th, but most people don't know that

    iPhone 7 九月十六日才會開賣,但是很多人都不知道

  • Most people hear about the announcement and they assume they can just get it right away


  • So we decided to take advantage of that, you know, and of the Apple-mania in general.

    所以我們決定利用這點, 來假扮成iPhone 廠商

  • We went out on the street, we asked iPhone users if they wanted to try the new iPhone

    我們到街上去問 iphone 使用者想不想試試看新的 iphone

  • The iphone 7. And we took their current phone, we cleaned it, we put it in a different case

    iPhone 7。然後我們拿走他們的手機,把它擦乾淨,換一個新的殼,

  • and we handed the phone right back to them


  • and told them it was the new one. You think we've found any one who believe that?

    然後告訴他們這就是新的 iPhone。你們覺得有人相信我們嗎?

  • Well, let's find out with this first look at the iPhone 7


  • We've got some prototypes of the seven, and one of the great things of the seven is it's instant data transfer

    我們手上有一些 iphone 7 的原型機,7 有一個特點就是它的即時資訊傳送功能

  • So you can transfer a lot of your settings from your current phone to the seven, and try it out instantly as if it was your own phone

    你可以把你的舊手機上的設定等資訊直接傳到 7 上面,然後立馬試試看跟舊手機有甚麼差別。

  • oh cool


  • do you wanna take a spin


  • absolutely


  • Okay great, would you mind giving Patrick your old phone?

    太好了,你介意把手機給 Patrick 嗎

  • -Do you need my pass code here? -No - Okay great

    -你需要我的密碼嗎? -不用 -太好了

  • And you said you had one since the three?

    你說你從 iPhone 3 就開始使用 iPhone 了嗎?

  • Oh yeah, probably since... I'd say 2011? 2010?

    對啊,可能從 2011? 2010 年就有了

  • Whenever that one came out


  • -Now this new one is water resistent, right? -Yes

    -現在這支新的防水 -對

  • -Have you ever had anything where you've gotten water on any of your iphones? - Yes

    -你以前手機受潮過嗎? -有啊

  • What happened?


  • - Dropped it in the toilet - Dropped it in the toilet?

    -掉到馬桶裡 -掉到馬桶裡?

  • -And did you do the rice thing? - Yeah

    -你有用正確的處理方式處理嗎? - 有啊

  • -And did it work? -It didn't work

    - 有用嗎? -沒有用

  • - Okay Oh we have the new iPhone with all the settings -Okay

    - 好,現在你所有的設定都在新手機上了 - 好

  • - Wait, so this is, like all of my stuff on it?


  • - It's all your stuff on the new one

    - 是的,你全部的東西都在上面

  • - Cool! that's great! - How does it feel?

    -真酷!好棒喔! -感覺如何?

  • -Thinner. -Thinner? - A little bit

    -比較薄。- 比較薄嗎? - 嗯嗯一點點

  • -Does it feel wider as well?


  • -Yeah actually, than my 6+ yes

    -其實有,跟我的 6+ 比的話

  • - And, um, you could test to see if all your info has transferred... has it transferred?


  • - Yeah I already got a text message from a friend of mine so yeah


  • - Oh my God - Oh, let's see

    -我的天啊! -你看

  • -So can you just, sort of talk to us about the features of the phone, how does it feel? How does it look?

    -你可以說說它的特色嗎?感覺如何? 外觀呢?

  • -It's a lot smoother, I like ... it feels lighter than the other one - feels lighter? - yeah

    - 它滑順很多,我喜歡...感覺也比較輕 - 比較輕嗎? -對啊

  • - So what do you think in turns like the style, the sleekness compared to your phone?

    - 所以你覺得它的睡眠的樣子跟你的手機比如何呢?

  • It looks good with the eased bezle on the front, you know, it looks nice, feels nice in the hand

    - 他這樣看起來很好看啊,觸感也很好

  • - Is it faster to you? - Yes

    -你覺得速度有變快嗎? - 有啊

  • - From going to this phone to another phone, yes

    - 跟別的手機比真的有

  • - A lot of pictures are prefiltered in the new one, so you'll see that they'll look a lot smoother, and they'll be less choppy looking

    - 很多照片都由免費的濾淨功能處理過,所以它們看起來比較順,比較不卡

  • -Okay yeah, I can see that

    - 嗯我也這麼覺得

  • - How do the pictures look to you

    - 你覺得照片看起來怎麼樣?

  • - They look good. I thinks it looks a little bit brighter than on the six.

    - 看起來很好啊!它們看起來比六亮多了

  • - It definitely looks a lot more crisp, a lot more clear, um, even the screen itself, like there's, I don't know looks more smooth and glossy I guess

    - 它們比較清晰,甚至銀幕都比較滑順、明亮

  • - It's much clearer - It's much clearer than the old phone?

    - 清晰多了-比你的舊手機清楚嗎?

  • -In terms of speed, what would you say? Is it faster?

    -那速度呢? 比較快嗎?

  • - Um... much faster


  • - Will you call one of the numbers in your contact, just talk to them on the phone tell them that you got the new iPhone 7


  • and ask them how it sounds?


  • -Okay. Hey mom how ya doing? I got the new iPhone 7 how do I sound on the phone?

    -好啊。嘿媽!你還好嗎?我拿到 iPhone 7 了我的聲音聽起來如何?

  • -Sounds good? Okay - Does it sounds better than your old phone?

    -不錯齁?好 -比你的舊手機好嗎?

  • - Sounds better than my old phone does it?

    - 音質比舊手機好齁?

  • -The clearness? Yeah! Okay! How ya doing mom how ya feel? - Let's wrap it up.


  • -Do you miss your old phone at all? -Do I miss ... no you guys can have it!


  • -Well the new phone will be about six hundred dollars


  • But today if you give us like a fifty, we will just let you walk away with that phone


  • - you're joking


  • -No, swear to God. 50 bucks. That's like a new Apple thing


  • -Okay - you ready? -Yeah

    -好啊 -真的嗎? -對

  • - I don't have a fifty dollar bill but I can get one


  • -Do you wanna go to a cash machine? - sure I'll do it

    - 你要去提款機嗎? - 好啊

  • - Do you have it already? okay great, and here's your brand new iPhone 7!

    - 你有了嗎? 太好了這是你的新iPhone 7

  • Yeah

  • Are you considering buying this phone for 49.95 bucks?

    你再考慮花 49.95 塊買下它嗎?

  • For 49.95? Seriously? Okay.

    49.95 塊? 認真? 好啊

  • That's great!


  • And now everything is gonna be transferred over and everything?


  • -Everything is, you can even check it out


  • It's exactly the same


  • Brand new phone, in your old case


  • Okay

  • For 50 bucks


  • It's unbelievable


  • It is unbelievable because that's your old phone


  • Yeah....huh?


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As you learned exclusively on this show



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