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- Most Companies strive to make their products better.
But at Apple, we pride ourselves on thinking different.
That's why with the iPhone 7, we've done something that,
at first, seems counter-intuitive, and then is.
We've made it worse.
- We removed the headphone jack and that's all.
That's the new, that's the newness right there.
It's just the lack of a thing that was there and now
it's not.
It's gone, it's not there anymore.
- Once we conceived of this exciting new update.
Oh no, downdate, it was so beautiful in the way that it
allowed me to go home at two PM.
- It's all about simplicity
Everything will run through one port
Now, you might be asking yourself, "What if I want to charge
"my phone while listening to music?" Shit.
- Apple has always pioneered sleek beautiful
design, which is why you will fucking hate the literal
parade of (mumbles) you need to plug it into anything
as or more complicated than a doughnut.
- Oh!
You could just go buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones,
there you go, problem solved.
And if you normally use your headphone jack to plug
into your car, then fuck!
Fuck, you're fucked.
The you're fucked and then I'm fucked
And then I'm fucked because you're fucked
- Our users expect for us to introduce new
innovative, and exciting features every year.
To those users, we say, you try introducing new,
innovative, and exciting features every year.
I mean, what else do you want a phone to do?
Make you cum?
- With the new iPhone, oh this is the old iPhone
You know, they look exactly the same.
Which would make you wonder, "Why should I just get
"an iPhone 6 since it is cheaper and apparently now better
That's because please
Please don't.
- Along with the worse iPhone we're, like,
out of our minds excited to introduce a whole new line
of Apple products made with the same philosophy
The iPad Backs which is just two iPad Backs stuck together.
The iPod Brickle which can only play Brickle
And the Apple watch which we couldn't figure out a way to make worse than it already is.
- If I'm being honest, I'm starting to get really scared
of Jony, he's just taking away things at random at this point.
All the G keys on our keyboards have disappeared.
My car's wheel disappeared, I can't get home.
- Just be grateful I left you any ports at all.
I wanted to make it an impenetrable glass brick,
but Tim said no.
- Our design department used to have 12 people,
now there's only eight.
What happened to the other four?
- Careful, Tim.
- I miss Steve.
I miss Ste--
- Oopsie daisy! Where did Tim go?
The iPhone 7. Jony giveth and Jony can taketh away.
- Hi, it's Mike Trep from College Humor.
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iPhone 7搞什麼!大聲說 (The New iPhone is Just Worse)

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鄭小鬼 發佈於 2016 年 9 月 14 日    鄭小鬼 翻譯    Angel Cheng 審核
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