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  • Gordon Food Service is a fast-growing, family-owned, dynamic company

  • serving numerous customers throughout Canada. We thank you for your interest

  • in becoming a part of the GFS family. At Gordon Food Service,

  • we offer a competitive salary, great benefits, and a fun, high-energy

  • work environment. But we feel more than anything

  • it's the people that separates us from the rest of the crowd.

  • "Employees here at GFS are really great

  • they're very helpful and fun to work with, it's like a team atmosphere."

  • Founded over 100 years ago,

  • Gordon Food Service started delivering butter and eggs by horse and buggy

  • in the Midwest, United States. Since those humble beginnings

  • and through dedication and hard work, GFS has grown into the largest family-owned

  • foodservice distributor in North America, including multiple facilities across

  • Canada.

  • At the distribution centre there are three main jobs that make up the

  • majority of our workforce

  • selectors, loaders, and receiving specialists.

  • Once the product is loaded on the trucks our delivery service reps takeover

  • bringing the products to our customers. In order to serve our customers,

  • we operate 24 hours a day. Most functions have shifts that run throughout the entire day and night.

  • "Customer is king is basically the customer comes first. We do

  • everything that we can to help make sure the customer is very happy,

  • so we make sure we pick the right stuff, make sure we get it to them on time

  • so customer is number one in our standards."

  • "If I don't take care of what the customer has ordered,

  • first of all they're not getting what they want, so that's a big problem.

  • If you and I go to the grocery store and we get someone else's groceries when we

  • get home were not going to be too happy, so they need to get what they ordered."

  • Selectors start their day by punching in,

  • then perform a series of stretching exercises to prepare their bodies for

  • the day ahead.

  • From here the selector picks up the picking labels for the day

  • after the stickers have been picked up, the selector gets a pallet jack

  • and is ready to begin the selection process. The distribution centre

  • is divided into three temperature zones.

  • Dry, which can reach temperatures in excess of 32 degrees centigrade.

  • Cooler, which is kept at a temperature of two degrees.

  • And freezer, which is kept at a temperature of -23 degrees.

  • As a new selector, you will be required to work in each of these areas.

  • Product is selected

  • in the order the batch stickers with accuracy and speed

  • being up the utmost importance. Once the product has been properly

  • picked onto the pallet, it is shrink wrapped and taken to the loading area

  • where loaders move them onto the truck for delivery.

  • "The weight to the product that we work with ranges

  • anywhere from a pound to 50 to 75 pounds, so taking those products you need

  • to pay close attention to how you're lifting it just so you don't injure yourself."

  • "Well, the shift starts at five you are suppose to finish at 3:30,

  • sometimes you'll finish

  • before that, sometimes you might operate another two hours or an hour and a half more.

  • It all depends on whether we still have the work to be done.

  • We're all here until the job is done.

  • It's not a matter of coming in and going, 'My 10 hours is up, I go,' you know.

  • We are a team. So we try to finish whatever we have as soon as possible.

  • when the job is done, we can go home."

  • Gordon Food Service, is a diverse, family-owned company which strives to treat

  • our customers in an exceptional manner. We understand that to accomplish this goal

  • we also need to treat our team members exceptionally well.

  • As part of our commitment to our team members

  • we do offer a great compensation package including

  • competitive wages, exceptional benefits, generous vacation,

  • and excellent retirement plans.

  • We're proud you've chosen us as a possible career. The work is hard

  • and rewarding, the hours can be long but they can

  • also be enjoyable. "Yes, we have an incentive program, you know which

  • has been going on for... well, from the time I've been here.

  • So, in here, guys are happy because every week they are making money. So you're always happy."

  • "I worked for another company for 17 years and I never had that kind of a reward.

  • Two years ago I got,

  • I got my first gold ring in Edmonton,

  • so they definitely reward you for what you do best at your work."

  • "What keeps me coming back to work everyday is the employees that I work with.

  • Everyone here is very friendly

  • and I enjoy coming to work every day."

  • We firmly believe that hard work and high-performance should be rewarded.

  • And we hope that this is more than a good job,

  • we hope it becomes a great career.

Gordon Food Service is a fast-growing, family-owned, dynamic company


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