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  • (Serbian) Thank you very much.


  • Guys, my name is Nick Vujičić,

    大家好,我是尼克.胡哲(Nick Vujičić)

  • I was born in Australia in 1982,

    1982 年出生在澳洲

  • moved from Australia to California in the year 2006.

    2006 年從澳洲搬到加州

  • And my life story -- I'm just thankful

    關於我的故事 —— 我很感激

  • that people have seen my life


  • on some sort of level -- whether it's just YouTube videos

    不管是只在 YouTube 上看影片

  • or seeing pictures of a limbless guy smile.

    或是看到一張沒有四肢的人 微笑的照片

  • You know, people always ask me


  • you know, what happened to you


  • and how did you overcome what you've been through?


  • The title of the message that I've been given


  • is "Transforming the walls into doors".


  • When I speak corporately,


  • the line that I like to use is


  • "changing obstacles into opportunities".


  • Now, I am very well aware to share with you as well.


  • I know that there are a billion people going hungry today.

    我知道今天有 10 億人會挨餓

  • I know that this year, a million people will commit suicide.


  • That is one every 40 seconds.

    每 40 秒就有一個

  • I know today there are 120 million slaves

    我知道今天世界上 有一億兩千萬名奴隸

  • and I've met six slaves

    我已見過 6 位

  • and I've seen the top of the pyramid as far as business


  • and met the billionaires.


  • I've met bankers and I've also met orphans.

    我見過銀行家 我也見過失親兒

  • We're all looking for something.


  • We're all looking for hope.


  • Hope you can't just have just because you were born with hope.


  • No, we're born with pain.


  • We're born and live through difficulties.


  • In our life -- my parents always taught me

    在我們的生活中 我的父母教我

  • that even though we don't know


  • why I was born this way, that we have a choice.

    我怎麼會長成這樣 我們還是有選擇

  • Either to be angry for what we don't have


  • or be thankful for what we do have.


  • The power of that choice was the first thing


  • that I had to overcome and decide for myself,


  • especially in the early years of school.


  • A lot of kids would come up to me and tease me.


  • And I have been speaking at 5 congresses,

    至今我已曾在 5 國的議會演講

  • I've met 7 presidents all around the world.

    我見過世界上的 7 位總統

  • My largest crowd was 110,000.

    我單場的聽眾最多高達 11 萬人

  • I have 30 thousand invitations for me to speak.

    我有 3 萬張演講邀約

  • So wherever I go, I talk about the value of life,

    不管我到哪裡 我分享生命的價值

  • I talk about anti-bullying messages


  • for the school systems in different nations.


  • The greatest thing is love.


  • When we feel like we don't have enough love


  • and we don't have enough hope,


  • we start losing strength to live.


  • For me in my life as a child, I had a big wall.


  • I was surrounded by four walls and a low ceiling of opportunity.

    我被高牆環繞 我的機會被隔離在外

  • I was set free in so many different ways


  • and especially surviving from day to day


  • with my parents who loved me, who encouraged me,


  • who told me I was beautiful the way that I was


  • and not to worry about what other people said about me.


  • I was actually the first special needs child


  • to be integrated into the mainstream education system


  • in Australia and I was awarded Young Citizen of the Year in 1990.

    而我在 1990 年時獲頒 澳洲的年度小市民獎

  • And the world is a hurting place and the world needs hope


  • and world needs love.


  • Without hope, we feel like, 'Why are we here?'

    沒有希望,我們會懷疑: 「我們為什麼會在這裡?」

  • Well, brokeness. Here's mine.


  • Today, I still have no arms and no legs, but everything's changed.

    今天,我還是沒有手、沒有腳 但是每件事都改變了

  • Everything.


  • For me, I was looking for hope and happiness


  • and I couldn't see it for many years.


  • In fact, if this side of the table represents my hope,


  • truth encourages me to become all that I can be.

    真相鼓勵我成為 任何我想要成為的模樣

  • But then we have lies, everyday,


  • coming in our mind, people who discourage us.

    對我們說謊 讓那些傷人的話刺進心裡

  • You know the people that you have in your life


  • who, no matter how good of a day you're having, they'll bring you down?

    有些出現在你生命中的人 就是能讓你難過?

  • Or no matter how bad of a day you're having, they'll bring you even lower?

    或是不管你已經捱過多麼痛苦的一天 他們還是會讓你更加難過?

  • You know what I'm talking about?


  • Think of the 3 biggest discourages in your life.


  • They're not your biggest discourages.


  • You are.


  • It only takes 3 seconds for me to tell you something discouraging

    我只需要花三秒鐘 就能讓你感到沮喪

  • but then, you may never forget my words.


  • I've met so many 50-year-old women and 40-year-old women


  • who still remember what their fathers told them that they wish they'd never heard.

    還記得他們的父親曾對她們說了 他們一輩子也不想聽到的話

  • Words are powerful.


  • And when you hear those words and then your mind starts growing with these lies.

    當你聽到那些話 你的心就會開始帶著謊言長大

  • "Nick, you're not good enough, just give up, you'll never get a job",

    「尼克,你不夠好,放棄吧! 你永遠也找不到工作。」

  • "You won't get married, you can't even hold your wife's hand".

    「你永遠也結不了婚 你連老婆的手也沒辦法牽。」

  • "What kind of a father are you gonna be

    「如果你連孩子哭的時候 都不能抱起他

  • if you can't even pick up your kids when they're crying?"


  • You're alone. Sure, your parents hug you.


  • But their hugs can't heal you.


  • Just give up. Just give up. Just give up.


  • At age 8 I thought that I should commit suicide. Why?

    在我八歲的時候 我覺得我應該自殺,為什麼?

  • 'Cause I didn't have hope. I thought I didn't have hope.

    因為我沒有希望 我以為我沒有希望

  • Today you can see that I had hope.


  • What's the word, believing in something you do not see? Faith.

    相信你看不到的,是哪個字? 信念

  • Words can only do so much. Hugs can do much more than words,

    言語能做的只有這麼多 擁抱能夠做得比言語更多

  • but when hugs can't do anything, that's where faith kicks in.

    但是當擁抱幫不上忙的時候 就該信念上場了

  • For me, words and hugs were not enough, but I had no faith.

    對我來說,言語和擁抱都不夠 但是我也沒有信念

  • So I tried to give up.


  • At age 10, I tried to drown myself in 6 inches, or 15 centimeters of water,

    在我 10 歲的時候 我試著把自己淹死在 15 公分的水底

  • in my home.


  • I told my dad I just wanted to relax, but really, I wanted to end my life.

    我告訴我的父親,我想要放鬆一下 但事實上,我想要結束我的生命

  • I had enough. (Serbian) I had enough.

    我受夠了 (塞爾維亞語)我受夠了

  • The first two times I rolled over.


  • I was trying to work out how much air I hold in my lungs before I let it out.


  • And the third time, in my mind, knowing that I wanted to get out of here,

    第三次時,我心裡知道 我想要離開這裡

  • because of the bullying in my life, 'cause I was going to be a burden to my parents

    因為在人生中不斷被霸凌 因為我會成為父母的負擔

  • and I had nothing to look forward to.


  • I realized at that moment that if I actually went through with committing suicide,

    我在那一刻了解到 如果我從這次的自殺中倖存

  • I would leave a greater burden for my parents than they already had.

    我會讓父母的負擔 比現在有的更加沉重

  • There was one thing less hopeful or more burdensome


  • than having a child without limbs.


  • What is it? A child without limbs who gives up.

    那是什麼? 那就是沒有手腳的孩子放棄了

  • So when I saw in my mind my mom and my dad

    因此當我想到 我的父母和兄弟

  • and my brother crying at my grave


  • if I went through with it, that one thought saved me.

    如果我撐過來了 是因為一個念頭救了我

  • If my parents never told me that I was beautiful the way I was.

    如果我的父母從來沒有告訴我 我原來的樣子就很美

  • If my parents never told me that I was special and that I was loved,

    如果我的父母從來沒有告訴我 我很特別、大家愛我

  • I wouldn't be here today.


  • So I encourage every single parent


  • who tries their best to encourage their teenagers,


  • especially in the West, many teenagers put a 'do not disturb' sign on their door.

    尤其在西方 許多青少年放了「請勿打擾」的牌子在房門上

  • I'm sure, the conversations all around the world between a parent and a teenager:


  • How was school? - Fine. - What did you learn? - Nothing. - Did you do your homework? - No.

    學校還好嗎?-還不錯。 你學了什麼?-沒什麼 做功課了嗎?-還沒

  • And that's the conversation for the day.


  • And when you try to tell your children that they're beautiful, they say,

    當你試著告訴你的小孩他很美 他們會說:

  • "Of course I'm beautiful, I'm your son, your daughter, of course you're gonna say that".

    「當然我很美,我是你的兒子、女兒, 當然你會這樣說。」

  • But they're right.


  • Every single human being has value


  • and my value is not determined on how I look

    我的價值 不是由我看起來怎麼樣

  • or what job I have, or where I'm from, where I was born,

    或是我的工作是什麼、我從哪裡來 在哪裡出生

  • how much money, all that stuff is nothing.

    有多少錢來決定的 這些東西什麼都不是

  • So many teenagers, you know, tease each other


  • for how we look and I tell the teenagers,


  • "Do you think that I'm cool enough to be your friend?"


  • And they're like, "Yeah, of course".


  • I say, "But I have no arms and no legs", and they say, "Doesn't matter."

    我說:「但是我沒有手和腳。」 他們說:「那沒關係。」

  • And I say, "Really? So it doesn't matter that I have no arms and no legs?"


  • They say it doesn't matter.


  • I say than, "Actually, if it doesn't matter, then why do we kill each other with our words,


  • if it actually doesn't matter?"


  • Why do we look [at] ourselves in the mirror and see ugly instead of valuable?

    為什麼我們照鏡子的時候 看到的不是價值而是醜陋?

  • I want to ask you today, what are you looking for?

    今天,我想問你 你在追尋什麼?

  • If I gave you a billion dollars, would you be happy?

    如果我給你十億美元 你會快樂嗎?

  • If you gave me a billion dollars, I'd be very happy.

    如果你給我十億美元 我會很快樂

  • But then if my mom dies tonight, am I happy? No.

    但是如果我的母親今晚過世了 我還會快樂嗎?不會

  • With all the money in the world, I'd never be happy.

    即使有了全世界的錢 我也絕不會快樂

  • Right? 'Cause money is something that cannot heal the soul.

    對吧? 因為錢不能撫慰心靈

  • So many teenagers are looking for love which, love does heal the soul,

    有許多青少年在找尋愛 愛能撫慰心靈

  • love does complete the soul.


  • But even sex before marriage, I was a virgin before I got married.

    即使是婚前性行為 我在婚前是處男

  • Yeah, I've got a gorgeous wife, we're pregnant with our first son.

    嗯,我有一個很棒的妻子 現在懷了我們的長子

  • And I don't need hands to hold her hand.


  • I only want to hold her heart.


  • And you know, how am I going to hug my kid?


  • So many kids that come up to me, it's amazing.

    有很多小孩會來到我的面前 很神奇

  • They put their hands behind their back and hug me with their neck.

    他們把手放在背後 然後用他們的脖子擁抱我

  • And I've realized in life, even the worst parts of my life

    因此我了解生活中 即使是最糟的那個部份

  • can be turned into good.


  • And even more special.


  • So many teenagers are looking for love so they are going to go do this,

    許多青少年在尋找愛 所以他們去做了

  • and go do that and have sex before marriage.


  • For me, sex out of marriage is like a 5 dollar Gucci watch.

    對我來說,沒有婚姻基礎的性行為 就像是五美元的 Gucci 手錶

  • Sex within marriage and having sex with someone

    婚姻關係裡的性行為 對象是愛你的人

  • who loves you, who is committed to you for the rest of your life,


  • going to be the mother or father of your kids, that's what love is.

    將會成為孩子的父母的人 那才是愛

  • You can sleep with as many people as you like


  • but never know for sure, "Do they love me?"

    但是永遠不清楚 「他們愛我嗎?」

  • Love is a life-long commitment. You see, there are choices in life.

    愛是一輩子的承諾 你看,生活裡有許多選擇

  • And we're looking. I want to ask you, what are you looking for?

    而我們在找尋 我想問你,你在找什麼?

  • If I can just drunk, why not, man? I'll only live once.

    如果我可以只是喝醉,何樂而不為? 我只有一輩子可以活

  • Well, if that's the way you believe, great.


  • But for me, I'm a greedy man, I don't want to live for 90 years.

    但是對我來說,我很貪心 我不想要活九十年

  • I want to live for billions of years.


  • And I know that every day, my choices will affect this life,

    我知道每天我所做的決定 都會影響此生

  • other people's life and my eternal life.


  • You gotta come to the truth of knowing who you are and why you're here.

    你得要真切地了解 你是誰,以及你為什麼在這裡

  • William Barkley, he said, the greatest two days in anyone's life --

    威廉.巴克萊說 每個人的人生中最重要的兩天是

  • they day you were born, and the day you knew why.

    你出生的那天 以及你知道自己為何出生的那天

  • So, "Uh, you're ugly".


  • No, I'm beautiful the way that I am


  • and if you can't believe that for yourself


  • so many girls, specially, stay with their emotionally abusive boyfriends

    尤其是很多女孩 留在情緒化又暴力的男友身邊

  • because, "If I break up with him, then who is going to want me? "


  • See, we all want love.


  • That's why we do what we do sometimes.


  • To get into the crowd -- I am going to swear, I am going to be cool --

    進入人群 我會發誓,我會很酷

  • that's what this world is --


  • "I want to look like her, if I was taller, shorter, smarter, more popular" --

    「我想要長得像她,如果我高一點、矮一點 聰明一點、有人氣一點」

  • whatever you want, it's not enough.


  • Until you find the truth.


  • I'm wonderfully and faithfully made.


  • There is a greater purpose for my life.


  • I am here for a reason.


  • Sure, I didn't get a miracle.


  • Yeah, I believe in a God who can do miracles


  • and I have a pair of shoes in my closet.


  • Why? I've seen blind people seeing and deaf people hearing.

    為什麼?我看到失明的人在看 失聰的人在聽

  • That's fine if you don't believe me, I've got it on camera.

    如果你不相信我沒關係 我存在相機裡

  • But I realized something.


  • If God doesn't change my circumstances


  • he's gonna use my life to be a miracle for someone else.

    他將會讓我的生命 成為他人的奇蹟

  • When you don't get a miracle, you can still be a miracle for someone else.

    即使你沒得到奇蹟 你還是可以成為別人的奇蹟

  • I'm gonna close off with this beautiful story.


  • I was in Southern California --


  • I have 2 organizations,


  • a non-profit organization and I have a for-profit.


  • I probably spoke between years 2007 and 2010, 1000 times, 600 flights.

    我在 2007 年到 2010 年間 大概演講了上千次,搭了六百次飛機

  • And I've spoken to 4.5 million people face to face


  • and in the last 48 hours here in Serbia, we've reached 5 million through media.

    過去的四十八小時在塞爾維亞 我們透過媒體達到了五百萬名聽眾

  • So, we have the heart of people to love others.


  • We want people to love each other, love yourself


  • dream big and never give up.


  • We are all looking for hope, aren't we?

    我們都在尋找希望 不是嗎?

  • What are you looking for?


  • Money, drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography, fame, fortune.

    錢、毒品、性、酒精 色情刊物、名聲還是財富

  • Never satisfies.


  • It's never enough.


  • But I have come to peace, so check this out.

    但是我得到了平靜 看看這個

  • When I was 24 years old, 5-6 years ago, I was in California.

    我二十四歲的時候 五、六年前,我在加州

  • And I'd never met anybody else like me.


  • When I was 10 years old, I wished I would have met somebody like me.

    當我十歲的時候 我希望可以遇見像我這樣的人

  • Never did, didn't get that miracle.

    從來沒有 我沒有見到這個奇蹟

  • But at 24, in Califronia, I saw a little boy

    但是我二十四歲在加州時 看到一位男孩

  • with no arms and no legs, 19 months old, just like me.

    沒有手和腳 十九個月大,就像我

  • I knew he was going to be bullied,


  • he was going to go through depression, he would feel alone,


  • I knew that he would get worried if he's ever going to have a girlfriend

    我知道他會擔心 他會不會交得到女朋友

  • and so on, and so on.


  • I got the father to bring him up on stage in front of 2000 people.

    我讓他的父親帶著他到台上 面對兩千名觀眾

  • And everyone was crying.


  • And it was a materialization of when you don't get a miracle,


  • you can be a miracle for someone else.


  • I am not a superhero, I go through ups and downs, so do you.

    我不是超人,我的人生起起落落 你也是

  • But take one day at a time


  • and if you haven't found that piece of knowing who you are and why you're here

    如果你還沒找到 你是誰、為何在這裡

  • and where you're going when you're not here.

    以及你如果不在這裡 要去何方的答案

  • For me, I want you to know that's how I've overcome.

    對我來說 我想要讓你知道我是如何走過來的