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  • [Snorts]


  • Oink, oink. Pig. [Snorts]

    小豬呼嚕呼嚕叫 [豬叫聲]

  • Hi. [Snorts]

    嗨 [豬叫聲]

  • Ronnie, pig. Ronnie, pig. I'm not a pig.


  • Sometimes I'm a pig. Today I'm going to teach you not 10,

    有時候我很豬。今天我要教你不只 10 種

  • but 11-watch it-pig expressions.

    而是 11 種與「豬」相關的表達方式

  • So, maybe


  • you have heard things like this on TV or in movies where somebody talks about a piggy bank,

    你曾經在電視上或者電影裡聽過有人說 piggy bank

  • and your brain goes: "Pig, yes. Bank, yes. What? Together?

    然後你心裡想:「豬,懂。銀行,懂。等等… 什麼?串在一起?

  • There's a pig in the bank?


  • Oh, this is crazy." So, I'm going to teach you some crazy expressions about pigs.


  • [Snorts] Ready? 11 of them.

    [豬叫聲] 準備好了嗎?來看看這 11 種表達方式

  • "Pig" and "Piggy", they're the same thing with a slight variation.


  • "Piggy" is more of a cute word that we use to talk about a pig. So children would probably


  • say: "piggy", or if you want to be cute, you can say: "piggy" instead of "pig".


  • Depends how cute you want to be.


  • So the first one, one of the... Probably the most common expression we use with "pig" is

    所以我們來看第一個,其中之一跟「豬」相關的表達方式… 也許是我們最常使用到的

  • "pig out".

    那就是 pig out

  • Pig out. So, the pig's leaving? Not sure, here. So, "pig out" means you ate

    pig out 是指豬要走了嗎?好像不是。pig out 是指你大吃一頓

  • so much. If you're going to use the past tense, we would say: "pigged out".

    如果你使用過去時態,我們可以說:pigged out

  • For example: "I went to a restaurant last night, and I ate so much food;


  • I pigged out. I ate everything,


  • and I'm really, really full."


  • Pigs eat anything and everything. Pigs eat a lot.


  • They even eat bacon.


  • Yeah, they're cannibals. So, pigs, if you pig out or pigged out, it means you

    是的,牠們會吃同類。所以,如果你 pig out 或 pigged out

  • ate a lot of food. Delicious. So you can say, for example:


  • "I pigged out last night." or


  • "He pigged out last night.", "I'm going to pig out." Doesn't matter.


  • The next one. Oo, look at my hair, yeah. So, if you might notice that I have some crazy


  • hair today, these, the hair style that I have, these are called "pigtails".

    而這個髮型就稱為 pigtails (雙馬尾髮型)

  • I'm not sure why. Pigs definitely have tails, but the tails on pigs are spirally or curly, but


  • this hairstyle that I have is called a pigtail. Now, if my hair was at the back and tied at the back

    但是,我紮的這個髮型就稱為 pigtails (雙馬尾髮型)。如果我的髮束紮在腦勺後面

  • like this, it would be a "ponytail".

    像這樣,就稱為 ponytail (單馬尾髮型)

  • I don't know why humans have to have hair that relate


  • to animals. We are a strange bunch. So, "pigtails" is a hairstyle

    我們都是一群怪人。所以 pigtails (雙馬尾髮型) 是指髮型的一種

  • -hello, marker


  • -like this.


  • Next one-oh, my mom said this to me a lot-a "pig pen" or a "pig sty". Now,

    來看下一個表達方式。pig pen 或 pig sty 是我媽常對我說的

  • a pig pen or a pig sty is the place where the pig lives.

    pig pen 或 pig sty 是指豬住的地方

  • Like all other animals in the world; cows,


  • horses, pigs - they don't have, like, vacuum cleaners, or maid service, or really anything,


  • and their place is really dirty. Cows, sheep, anything, any animal that lives in a barn


  • or in a farm, they're dirty. Chickens, pretty dirty, pretty smelly. A pig pen or a pig sty

    雞很髒而且很臭。pig pen 或 pig sty

  • means that your room or your place is really, really, really dirty. So,

    就是指你的房間或你家非常之髒亂 (豬圈)。

  • if you're... Maybe somebody says:


  • "Wow, your room is like a pig pen." It means your room is really dirty.


  • You should clean it. Mm-hmm. Or don't. It's your choice.


  • Next one-oh, McDonalds-sometimes you get really, really, really bad food-

    來看下一個表達方式。麥當勞… 有時候你會吃非常糟糕的食物

  • McDonalds-


  • and it's actually called "pig slop",

    它就稱為 pig slop (餿水)

  • because like I said before, pigs, they eat anything. So


  • "pig slop" refers to really, really terribly disgusting food

    pig slop (餿水) 涉及到非常糟糕令人作噁的食物

  • that looks really bad, too, actually.


  • So "pig slop" means bad food that you have to eat. Mm-hmm.

    所以 pig slop (餿水) 指的是很噁心的食物

  • The next one, this is an adjective and it describes a person: "pig-headed".

    下一個表達方式是形容詞 pig-headed,用來描述一個人

  • Yeah, it's not really a person with a pig head; that's, again, strange.

    它不是真的指一個人有著豬的頭;那真的是… 很怪

  • "Pig-headed" means the person

    pig-headed 是指一個人

  • is very, very, very stubborn or they will not change their mind.


  • So if somebody is pig-headed, they're not very easy to get along with.

    所以如果有人很 pig-headed (冥頑不靈),表示他們不容易相處

  • Are you pig-headed?


  • I am. I'm ponytail-headed. I'm okay.

    我很…我很隨和好相處,我還好 (ponytail-headed 用來呼應 pig-headed,沒有其它特別意思)

  • Next one-uh-oh, this is slang, oo, slang, yeah-you see this a lot in movies,


  • jokes about bacon happen a lot: "pig" is the slang term for a police officer.

    培根相關的笑話中可以看到:pig 是稱呼警察的俚語用法

  • So you will hear people calling police officers "pigs". [Snorts]

    所以,你可以聽到人們使用 pig 來稱呼警察 [豬叫聲]

  • I'm not too sure why. They don't eat donuts.

    我也不知道為什麼。牠們又不吃甜甜圈 (刻板印象中,美國警察喜歡吃甜甜圈)

  • Oh, they do eat donuts, that's why, I get it now. Okay, so


  • never, ever call a police officer a pig unless you would like to go to jail or get beaten down.

    所以,如果你不想蹲苦牢或者被毒打一頓,千萬不要叫警察 pig

  • So if you're ever arrested by a nice, fancy police officer, never call them a pig.

    如果你曾經被一個身材很惹火的好警察逮捕過,千萬別叫他們 pig

  • It is slang that you can use with your friends, but never to their face.


  • You will be in some serious manure,

    要不然你就會深陷在一堆屎裡 (指:麻煩大了,完蛋了)

  • which means sheep poo, if you do this.

    就是羊咩咩的便便 (如果你真的在警察面前說了)

  • I've warned you: Don't use it in front of a police officer.


  • Next one: "piggy bank".

    下一個跟「豬」相關的表達方式:piggy bank

  • Do you have a piggy bank, or did you have a piggy bank when you

    你有 piggy bank 嗎?或者你小的時候,有一個 piggy bank 嗎?

  • were a child? A "piggy bank" is a pig... Oh, Ronnie's got to draw.

    piggy bank 有個豬的樣子…Ronnie要畫給你看啦!

  • Pig. Oh, pretty good. Oh, this is a good pig. Oh, perfect.


  • Good pig. So, a piggy bank is the figure of a pig,

    很棒!piggy bank 有個豬個外型

  • and it has a slot at the top where you get to put all your money and save your money.


  • So, piggy banks are synonymous with saving money. Sometimes what happens is you save

    所以呢,piggy bank (小豬撲滿) 就是存錢的同義詞。有時候會有一個問題

  • up so much money,


  • but there's a problem because the piggy bank only has one hole,

    但是小豬撲滿只有一個缺口 (投幣口)

  • so you have to smash the piggy bank and get your money out.


  • When I was a child, I had a piggy bank,


  • but the cool thing about my piggy bank is it had a hole at the bottom, so I didn't have


  • to smash it. I think I might still have my piggy bank.


  • If you would like to empty your


  • piggy bank and send some money to me


  • and, we always accept your generous donations. 我們永遠接受您慷慨的捐款

  • A couple piggies here and there, we're good., donation button, there's a heart.

    這邊到處有幾隻小豬豬,捐給我們吧! 網站上有個愛心捐款按鈕 

  • Do it.


  • Do it now.


  • One really interesting thing, thanks to crazy English-and


  • hi, Nadia, this is for you-we


  • have something called a "piggy back".

    有個表達方式稱做 piggy back

  • Now, this is very strange. It's actually called a "piggy back ride" or

    這個表達用法真的有點怪。它其實稱為 piggy back ride

  • you might hear a "piggy back race". So, all different things conjure

    或者你可能聽過 piggy back race。腦海裡聯想起很多不同事物

  • in the mind, but a "piggy back ride" is basically someone jumps on your back, and you run with them.

    然而,piggy back ride (騎馬打仗) 基本上是指一個人跳到你的背上,然後你揹著他跑

  • Nothing to do with pigs. I'm not too sure. It'd be more like


  • "a person on my back race", but I guess just to be cool, we call it a "piggy back race".

    看似更像「揹著一個人跑」,我猜可能只是想要有很酷的感覺,所以我們稱之 piggy back race

  • Maybe you've had a piggy back race - someone jumps on your back and you got to run. Really fun.

    你可能也玩過 piggy back race (騎馬打仗),有人跳上你的背然後你揹著他跑。很好玩的

  • Homework, do it.


  • This is an expression that we, as women-hi-usually say to men.


  • I've never been called... Never mind.

    我從來沒被人用這個詞叫過… 算了當我沒說

  • Most of the time, it's what women say to men. Now, if somebody calls you a pig

    大多數時候,都是女士對男士說的。所以,如果有人叫你 pig

  • -[snorts]-


  • they don't think that you're actually an animal.


  • It means you're a pervert. "Pervert" means

    而是說你是個 pervert (變態)。pervert 意指

  • you have said something sexual to the person that they do not like.


  • So if you make sexual comments or sexual advances to someone


  • and they don't like it, or you're being rude,


  • they will call you a pig. "You're a pig!" Okay?

    那麼對方就會罵你 pig。「你真是個豬哥!」懂了嗎?

  • This is a bad thing. So please, keep your comments to yourself.


  • It's not cool to be called a pig at all, in any case.

    在任何情況下被叫 pig 都不是很光彩

  • I was talking earlier about using the expression "piggy" to be cute.

    我早些有提到如何使用 piggy 來表達可愛一點的語氣

  • Cute little piggy. So,


  • you can say something like this:


  • "I'm going to be a little piggy... and eat all of the pizza!"


  • This is related to "pig out". So you can say, just to warn people:

    這跟 pig out (大吃一頓) 相關。貪嘴前你可以先跟別人說一聲:

  • "I'm going to be a little piggy, and eat all the cake."


  • And this kind of gives you an excuse to eat


  • everything, because you say:


  • "I'm going to be a piggy", and it's cute, so eat all the


  • cake. Perfect. Try it. Okay?


  • And the last one: "little piggy". Now,

    最後一個表達方式:little piggy

  • we can use it here: "I'm a little piggy, you're a little piggy", but when I was a child


  • -this is crazy-I had feet.

    -這聽起來有點瘋狂 -我有腳!

  • Do you have feet? I had two feet, and on my feet I had toes.


  • Not "foot fingers", they're called "toes". So, on my

    不可以說 foot fingers (腳的手指),要說 toes (腳趾),所以呢

  • feet, I have one, two, three, four, five... They don't look like that. I have five toes.


  • My mom and my dad used to sing a song, and it's called "Little Piggy".

    我爸媽以前經常唱一首歌叫做 Little Piggy (數腳趾歌,一首傳統兒歌,源自英國及北美)

  • This little piggy went to market (that's the big toe),

    這頭小豬去市場 (腳大拇指)

  • this little piggy stayed home,

    這頭小豬待在家 (腳食指)

  • this little piggy rented a DVD at Blockbuster,

    這頭小豬在百視達租了一片DVD (腳中指)

  • this little piggy went to the mall,

    這頭小豬去購物中心 (腳無名指)

  • and this little piggy had none.

    這頭小豬什麼也沒有 (腳小拇指)

  • No, I've done it wrong. Anyways,


  • Mom, can you hook me up with the "Little Piggy" song?

    媽,你可以幫我複習一下 Little Piggy (數腳趾歌) 嗎?

  • Anyways, the toes on children, we call "piggies".

    總而言之,我們稱小孩子的腳趾為 piggies

  • This little piggy went to market,


  • this little piggy stayed home,


  • this little piggy had bread and butter,


  • this little piggy had none,


  • and this little piggy ran


  • wee, wee, wee, wee, wee, all the way home.

    wee, wee, wee, wee, wee 一路跑回家




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