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  • Hello guys Welcome back to 2X4 BRICK

  • My name is Mike and I am back with another unboxing, build and at the end a short review

  • This time we have the Lego City set number 60069

  • Released in 2015 It is called the Swamp Police Station and,

  • as the name suggests, is part of the Swamp Police sub-theme

  • It has 707 bricks which come in a fairly large box

  • The price is £59.99, 69.99€ or 89.99$, the price per brick being at around 8.48p,

  • 9.9 euro-cents or 12.72 cents On the box it says that the boats do not float

  • but, as always, I will put that to the test Let's take a look inside

  • Now, as you've seen inside the box I found the following,

  • 8 numbered bags of bricks A bag containing 6 booklets and a sheet of

  • stickers These 3 plates,

  • And a boat hull The first bag has the bricks to build the

  • crooks' hovercraft and the hideout; you have to use

  • the instructions in booklet number 1 with 40 pages

  • Bag number 2 is used to build the Police 4x4, following the steps in the 36 pages booklet

  • number 2 In booklets number 3, 4 and 5 you have the

  • instructions for building the police station, these have 60, 28 and 64 pages, for doing

  • this you will need all the bricks in bags number 3,4,5,6 and 7

  • Finally, bag number 8 contains the bricks for the Police boat and you need to use booklet

  • number 6 to build it, this is 32 pages long LET'S BUILD IT!

  • These are the bricks that remained after the build

  • OK, now that this is built let's take a look at it

  • First we have 6 mini-figures, 2 crooks and 4 police officers, all of them come with only

  • one face, You also get some animals with the set, 3

  • snakes, a crocodile and a dog Moving on we have a couple of means of transportation,

  • most of them are for the Police First we have the small dirt bike; this is

  • very simple but has something to it that I really like

  • Next is the Police 4x4 and let me tell you that this is big, it has no roof so you can

  • access the two seats inside, while at the back this door opens like this at the front

  • you have a huge number of lights Instead of side mirrors they put a pair of

  • hand cuffs and a radio The police boat has some nice details to it,

  • a big light at the front, these two lifesaving rings, a radio a pair of binoculars and a

  • paddle for stopping the bad guys There are two seats inside the boat and up

  • here this seems to be some sort of radar The bad guys' boat also has some nice features,

  • a light at the front, some tools over here, a bag for the stolen cash,

  • Then there is this anchor that will also be used to help the other bad guy break out of

  • jail As I told you when unboxing the set, they

  • say that the boats do not float but that is only half true as the Police boat floats and

  • the crooks' doesn't Next we have this hideout for the crooks

  • This slides open and in there they can hide the money

  • These three flowers actually glow in the dark Now the police station has two main buildings

  • connected with this bridge Under the main building you can park the 4x4

  • and under the bridge there is room for the Police boat

  • In there you see a coffee machine, a fan and a desk with a computer

  • In the cell the bad guy gets a bed, a sink and a toilette

  • This section of the bars can be taken out very easy so this is where you will attach

  • the anchor and then pull to help the bad guy escape

  • He can also get out through the roof as this opens up like this

  • The building has some nice details to it, First we get this very tall antenna, then

  • there are these cool lights all around it, some accessories over here and the thing I

  • like the most are these tires on the dock Thank you guys so much for watching and if

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  • and what other sets you would like me to review Take a look at these other videos with sets

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Hello guys Welcome back to 2X4 BRICK


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