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  • Hey guys, so today’s video is my morning routine. And this is my morning routine for

  • kind of school, but also just like my general morning routine. So I actually filmed this video a while

  • ago, and some of you guys have already seen my behind the scenes on this. I will link

  • that video right here. It’s been a very big struggle for me to get into a system of

  • doing like my main channel videos and school. Fortunately, I’m done school for the summer

  • now, so I’ll have a lot more time to dedicate to YouTube. I seriously praise the people

  • who are able to do YouTube and school at the same time, because I don’t know how they

  • do it, it’s such a struggle for me. So I hope you guys will enjoy this; if you do,

  • please give it a big thumbs up, and also if youre not already, don’t forget to subscribe.

  • And, without further adieu, let’s get into it!

  • When I first wake up, the first thing I do is play with my dog, because this is when he is the most cuddly and playful, and

  • it’s probably one of my most favourite parts of the day. Then after I’m done playing

  • with him, I go an grab for my phone and check my social media apps, and just basically see

  • what’s going on and allow myself to wake up a little bit. And then I get out of bed

  • and put my slippers on and make my way over to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

  • And then after I’m done that I’ll go through some daily tasks that I’ve set out to keep my

  • bedroom fairly tidy. So, since my room was pretty clean to begin with, I just straightened

  • up my nightstand and then made my bed.

  • So then basically the most important step of my morning routine - I went downstairs and made myself some coffee, so that I was less

  • of a zombie and added in some coffee mate. I’m lactose intolerant, so I’ll usually

  • alternate between different types of Coffee Mates. Then I went ahead and made myself one

  • of my favourite breakfasts ever. So I started off by heating up some butter in a hot pan,

  • and then I cracked an egg into it and fried it until it was mostly cooked, and then I

  • transferred the pan into the oven under the broiler setting, so that it would cook that

  • goopy stuff on top. This is one of my like luxury breakfasts, I don’t have this all

  • the time, but when I have all the things on hand I love to make this. So after that I

  • put a piece of wholewheat bread into the toaster and toasted it. And then I took an individual

  • pack of Wholly Guacamole and used half of it to spread on my toast. Then I layered on

  • a couple pieces of smoked salmon and added my egg on top of that, and just seasoned it

  • with some lemon pepper and some kosher salt. Berries are pretty much one of my favourite

  • things ever, so I just cut up some strawberries, and added in some blackberries, and then had that on the side.

  • While I’m having breakfast, I’ll go through my planner and make little to-do lists and tasks that I need to get done, because if I don’t have everything kind

  • of planned out I usually don’t end up doing certain things, which is kind of weird, but

  • I feel like I have to have certain things written down in order to get them done.

  • And of course, if my breakfast is looking cute, I will definitely post a picture of it to

  • snapchat, because hashtag basic. And then I’ll just go through again and check social

  • media. So I’ll go on Instagram, Snapchat - just see what’s going on.

  • So then I start getting ready for the day, and I always start off by applying a moisturizer. Then I move

  • onto my foundation, and here I’m using the Make Up For Ever HD stick foundation, and

  • I’m just blending it out with a Beauty Blender. Then I go in and apply concealer to my under-eyes

  • to brighten-up the area, and just blend that out with a beauty blender. Then I set everything

  • in place with a translucent powder and a large fluffy brush. After that I set my brows in

  • place with a clear brow gel, and let that dry, and then I go right into my mascara routine.

  • So I start off by curling my eyelashes, and then I go in and apply my mascara. And this

  • is pretty much all I do for my eyes, except for a little bit of highlighter, because I

  • like to keep them pretty natural for like an everyday basis. And it’s pretty clear,

  • but I’m literally the worst person at applying mascara, ever. After I’m done applying my

  • mascara, my brow gel is usually dry, so I go in and fill my brows in using a brow pencil.

  • And I like to do this pretty naturally, I don’t like anything too look to exaggerated

  • or dark. And I brush that out a bit, and just brighten everything up by applying a little

  • bit of concealer on the top and bottom of my eyebrows and just kind of blend that out.

  • So for my everyday look, I like something that looks pretty natural, so I’ll usually

  • just line my lips with a tan toned lip liner. Then I will fill my lips in with a more nude,

  • fleshy-toned, lipstick and just blend that out with my finger. And then I move into my

  • highlighter. So, I like to highlight the highest points of my face, and just kind of give myself

  • a little more dimension, so I’ll go in the inner corners of my eyes, my brow bones, cheekbones,

  • and then just down the middle of my nose.

  • So for my outfit I went for this light pink, Forever 21, sweater, with a white tank top, some Brandy Melville shorts, and some Keds.

  • So then I packed up my textbooks, my notebooks, my school supplies, and headed to Starbucks

  • to grab a refreshing drink before class since it was so nice out. And then I made my way

  • to school. Okay guys, thanks so much for watching this video and sticking it out to the end.

  • If you’d like to see me on a more regular basis, don’t forget to check out my vlog

  • channel, and yeah, I hope you guys are doing well, and I will see you all in the next video.

  • Bye guys.

Hey guys, so today’s video is my morning routine. And this is my morning routine for


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學校的晨間常規!| 克里斯蒂-安妮-貝勒 (Morning Routine For School! | Kristi-Anne Beil)

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