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  • Me, myself and I

  • don't see eye to eye

  • Me, myself and I

  • don't get alone

  • Me, myself and I can finally say goodbye

  • and I don't wanna sound mean

  • But I tell you that I'm happy without me

  • I've been holding me back!

  • but now I'm on own track! we're done.

  • Finito! I'm free!

  • From here on out we can both exist peacefully

  • without all of this trouble and internal strife!

  • Now that we're separated

  • We can do anything

  • So don't that the door hit you

  • Have a nice life!

  • (Have a nice life!)

  • I'm through with myself

  • I'm better off without her

  • I'm better off-ff

  • don't get alone!

Me, myself and I


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飛哥與小佛 - 我的兩種人格 | 中英字幕 (Me Myself And I) (飛哥與小佛 - 我的兩種人格 | 中英字幕 (Me Myself And I))

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