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Hello I’m Crown!
Today I’ll be introducing some Starbucks vocabulary!
Welcome back to Crown’s daily English vocabulary series~
Last episode featuring WaWa, we introduced
the vocabulary for the 12 zodiac signs
Today I’ll be teaching you
the vocabulary that you’ll need to know at Starbucks!
As most of you who has been following this series would know
the video will mostly be in English
so remember to turn on the YouTube Chinese subtitles!
For smartphones, the subtitle button is at the top
for computers, button's at the bottom
Most people get a good cup of coffee in the morning
to get them ready for a brand new day
When you think of good coffee
Starbucks is a brand that’s probably gonna cross your mind
So, today, I’ll be sharing with you guys
some of the most basic terms that you’ll need to know
if you wanna order a cup of coffee at Starbucks!
First things first, classic cup sizes: 中杯,大杯,特大杯
中杯 is Tall; 大杯 is Grande; 特大杯 is Venti
If you’d like an even smaller cup of coffee than a tall
you can ask for a “short”, which is 小杯
this is only available for hot drinks
If you’d like an even bigger cup of beverage than a venti
you can ask for a “trenta”
this is only available for cold drinks
and you can only get them in the States
Grande is Italian for large
venti means "twenty", trenta means "thirty"
When it comes to Starbucks
there is a variety of different coffee types that you can get
Today I’ll be showcasing some of the more popular ones
卡布奇諾 in English is Cappuccino
Next, 拿鐵
拿鐵 in English is Latte
Then we have, 美式咖啡
美式咖啡 in English is Americano
And then, 摩卡
摩卡 in English is Mocha
Next up, 濃縮咖啡
濃縮咖啡 in English is Espresso
Next, 焦糖瑪奇朵
焦糖瑪奇朵 in English is Caramel Macchiato
Last, and my personal favorite, 星冰樂
星冰樂 in English is Frappuccino
Frappuccino is a new word
made by combining frappe, a kind of milkshake with ice cream
and cappuccino
Finally, let’s take a look at
the different function boxes on a Starbucks cup
低咖啡因咖啡 in English is decaf, short for decaffeinated
濃縮咖啡計算單位 in English is Shots
For espresso shots, you can ask for a single shot
a double shot, a triple shot, or even a quad shot
糖漿 in English is Syrup
There is a ton of different flavored syrups
that you can choose from at Starbucks:
caramel, hazelnut, vanilla and more
牛奶 in English is Milk
You can choose whether you want
whole milk, non-fat milk, or soy milk
客製化 in English is Custom
For example, you can tell them that
you want "no foam", 不要泡沫
or "no whipped cream", 不要鮮奶油
飲料名稱 in English is Drink
For example
I got a Caramel Machiatto the other day, so it says CM here
So there you go,
the most basic English terms that you’ll need to know at Starbucks
So next time you’re at Starbucks, you would know your stuff
If you enjoy coffee, please give this video a thumbs up!
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Also, somebody quick! Send this video to Starbucks
and tell them to treat us to some coffee XD (lolz)
And that’s a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya!



日常英文單字#4【星巴克咖啡】// English Vocabulary: Starbucks Coffee (日常英文單字#4【星巴克咖啡】// English Vocabulary: Starbucks Coffee)

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