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  • Hey guys and welcome to the first episode of Embarrassing English Errors.

  • So, this is episode number one. So, today I’m going to teach you the difference in pronunciation

  • between the wordspieceandpiss”.

  • So, “piece”, “a pieceof something, is a portion of an object or of material,

  • and it’s produced by cutting, tearing or breaking the whole.

  • So, you can have a piece of cake, or a piece of fabric.

  • “A pissorto piss”. Piss is urine, or the act of urinating, depending on whether

  • youre using it as a noun or a verb. So, “I need to pee [piss]” or “I need to have a pee [piss]”.

  • Umso yeah, it’s going to the toilet to do a number one instead of a number two as we say in English.

  • So, you pee and you poo, or you piss and you shit.

  • So, “pissis to pee or to urinate.

  • So, some examples of how you could accidentally mix these two words up.

  • You could say things like: “I might have a pieceand you could accidentally say “I might have a piss”.

  • “I might have a piece”, “I might have a piss”.

  • It’s the kind of thing where it’s a little embarrassing to accidentally mispronounce these words.

  • Another one could be “a piece of cake”, you could say, “a piss of cakeaccidentally.

  • How many pieces do you want?”, “How many pisses do you want?”.

  • So these sorts of things get pretty embarrassing if you mispronounce them.

  • Do you want to have a piece?”, do you want to have a piece of cake?

  • And you could accidentally saydo you want to have a piss”, which is sort of asking someonedo you need to go to the toilet?”

  • instead of sayingdo you want a piece of cake”.

  • So other words in English that sound likepieceare:

  • Lease

  • Cease

  • Beast

  • Least

  • Thesis

  • Species

  • And other words that sound likepiss”:

  • Kiss

  • Miss

  • List

  • Fist

  • This

  • Sister

  • Mister

  • So, well go through some exercises now guys where I will just say the two different

  • vowel sounds in made up words or real words. So, it’s not so much important to know or

  • be worrying about what these words mean.

  • It’s more about practicing the difference in the pronunciation of these two different vowelseeandih”.

  • LeeseLiss

  • MeeseMiss

  • FeeseFiss

  • TheeseThis

  • DeeseDiss

  • CreeseCriss

  • So, let’s break it down into just that first syllable guys and we can use the English words

  • pee”, as into need to pee”, and peer, as in “a peer at the beach

  • that you walk out on. It’s made of wood.

  • Peepeer x 10

  • And now well say and repeat the wordspieceandpissten times.

  • Piecepiss x 10

  • So, if you guys have any other suggestions or words that you would like me to cover in

  • Embarrassing English Errors, in an episode, then please jump on Facebook and send me a

  • message or a comment with the word or the term that youre having difficulty pronouncing,

  • and I’ll do an episode as soon as I can.

  • All the best guys!

Hey guys and welcome to the first episode of Embarrassing English Errors.


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尷尬的英語錯誤Ep01:Piece & Piss(小便) (Embarrassing English Errors Ep01: Piece & Piss)

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