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  • >>Hilah: Okay, so let’s start with pineapple. So this is like, this is a good looking pineapple

  • right here, and you can see it’s a little bit yellow, the little like scaly bits are

  • each about the same size, and it’s firm and it’s solid and it smells slightly like

  • pineapple. If youve got this one, you would let it sit on your counter for like two days,

  • and then it would look like this, and then it would totally smell like pineapple, and

  • the little ends look a little bit brown, it doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't smell

  • like pineapple alcohol, like it doesn't smell fermented. That means it’s a little overripe,

  • but this one smells like delicious, wonderful pineapple, and now I am going to show you

  • how to cut it up.

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  • [How To Cut Up Pineapple]

  • [Learn To Cook]

  • >>Hilah: Okay, so what you do is you lay the pineapple down like that, and you cut off

  • the top, and then if you like stack some toothpicks in here and put it in some water in the water

  • glass, itll grow another pineapple. That’s what they say. Okay, and then cut off the

  • bottom. I don’t think the bottom grows a pineapple sadly, and then the skin is really

  • tough obviously and you don’t eat it because it’s kind of like lizard skin, and so you

  • just kind of slice down like that, just paring it away, and well get to those little weird

  • little eyeballs that are left behind later. Get that stuff out. Hey, that’s not good.

  • [laughs] Can we cut that out? Okay, so then I cut it badly. Whatever, I’ll just show

  • you how to do this part, and then I’m gonna, just kind of get the last little bits and

  • pieces off of there ,hmm hmm hmm, and you can use a paring knife, but I like to live

  • dangerously, so maybe you shouldn’t actually do exactly everything that I do, but this

  • is how I do it. Okay, and then also I also just quit being a baby, and I also just like

  • eat these things and don’t worry about it. It’s another thing that I do sometimes.

  • Okay. So whatever. Babies. Okay. Then like so. Then there’s kind of like, I don’t

  • know if you can see that in the camera. There’s kind of like this line here. There’s like

  • this really fibrous core, and you want to get that out of there, so just about like

  • that, and then you can like gnaw on that if you want to, and then cut it in this way,

  • and now, cut it again this way, and there we have little pineapple cubes that you can

  • put in a fruit salad or a blender. Wheeeeeeeee!

  • [music]

>>Hilah: Okay, so let’s start with pineapple. So this is like, this is a good looking pineapple


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如何切菠蘿 -- 學做飯的方法 (How To Cut Up a Pineapple -- Learn To Cook)

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