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  • Welcome to FirstFT here. Today's top stories

    歡迎收看 First FT。以下是今天的重點新聞

  • A three-year investigation of Ireland's tax treatment of Apple is ending with a bill for billions of Euros and back taxes for the tech group


  • A 130-page judgment from the European Commission says that decisions made by authorities in Dublin violated EU law by granting Apple an advantage not available to other companies

    該委員公布了 130 頁的判決書,認定愛爾蘭提供蘋果的補助為非法的,因為其並未提供優惠給其他國家

  • The judgment underlines the European Commission's push to redraw the boundaries on aggressive tax avoidance by the world's biggest corporations


  • Poland has become the latest country to try to woo some of Britain's biggest banks in the wake of the Brexit vote


  • The Polish Deputy Prime Minister will arrive in London this week, armed with a package of incentives to lure city institutions to Warsaw


  • And an analysis by the Guardian newspaper shows that the UN paid tens of millions of dollars in UN contracts to people with close ties to Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad


  • The findings reveal the UN paid at least four million dollars to a state-owned fuel supplier that also appeared on an EU sanctions list


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Welcome to FirstFT here. Today's top stories

歡迎收看 First FT。以下是今天的重點新聞


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