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  • Welcome to "The World in 60 Seconds" from FirstFT.

    歡迎收看 FirstFT 的「環遊世界 60 秒」

  • The US has launched an attack on the European Commission


  • in a last attempt to prevent Brussels from demanding billions of euros from Apple in underpaid taxes.

    為的是阻止布魯塞爾(歐盟委員會的辦公底點)向 APPLE 索取數十億歐元的欠繳稅款。

  • The US Treasury issued a rare waring on Wednesday.


  • The Brussels was becoming a “supranational tax authoritythat threatened international agreements on tax reform.


  • Astronomers may be one step closer in a quest to see if there is life beyond planet earth


  • A team of European scientists have discovered a new earth-like body, orbiting Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to the Sun.


  • And Singapore has claimed a head-start in the global race to launch self-driving cars


  • with world’s first public trial of a robo-taxi service.


  • The trial's been operated by nuTonomy, a US start-up that has been conducting trials of self-driving vehicles in Singapore since April.


Welcome to "The World in 60 Seconds" from FirstFT.

歡迎收看 FirstFT 的「環遊世界 60 秒」


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美國因蘋果徵稅要求攻擊布魯塞爾,地球的新鄰居|第一財經網 (US attacks Brussels over Apple tax demand, Earth's new neighbour | FirstFT)

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