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What happened when you flip a car with a raw cage held together by a duct tape?
Duct tape joints. No welds.
That was a dummy.
I'll never get in that car tilt together by a duct tape.
But what if you use tape as strong as steel?
Tape joints. No welds.
Strong as steel
Here's the thing: your manliness
Your shovels break, your pipes leak.
Your mouther falls off cuz a manly man, will not be marveled.
You need a manly solution for those manly problem.
Duct tape is temporary. It only gets you so far.
Keeps the pieces together without actually make things work again.
Like my birthday with my parents' marriage.
The hardware store may have new shovels, brass pipes but a manly man doesn't want to spend his Saturday at store.
Unless that store is a co-word for a big screen TV that feature
You could call a handyman or a plumber, but they charge for consultation plus the price in the new parts
plus labor, plus dignity and your wife depending on how sexy your plumber is.
Well, there's a manly solution for your manly problems.
FiberFix. FiberFix is a special tape that's strong as steel.
It's not an expression. It's literally as strong as steel.
I'm not prone to hyperbolic
FiberFix can be used anywhere.
Got a busted pipe?
FiberFix it.
Only if you want that pipe to function properly for the rest of your mother loving life
because FiberFix is strong, permanent and 100% watertight.
Repairs like that can cost hundreds of dollars.
Fix it yourself with FiberFix spend the rest of savings on something manly
like hunting equipment or diversify stock portfolio that's sensible yet aggressive enough to expect reasonable ROI.
Because that's manly, too.
A quick FiberFix can save your Saturday.
Dual? broke? FiberFix!
Saturday saved.
Broken stool? Yeah, that's FiberFix, the sand to be smooth, painted to be beautiful, like the toenails of a brownie woman.
Camping in the middle of nowhere with broken tent pole? FiberFix!
Saturday saved.
exhausted pipes, water heaters, FiberFix can fix it all and it withstands temperature of up to 850 degrees.
If there were any stronger, you can use it to repair volcano.
FiberFix is 100 times stronger than duct tape because it uses fiber glass technology.
Just dip it in water, wrap it, wait 10 minutes, bang!
Cured, hardened, strong as steel.
FiberFix, tougher than nails and softer than nothing because it's FiberFix.
It wasn't made to be soft. You wanna soft? Go buy a poppy and tissue, and blow its nose into.
You wanna tough? Buy FiberFix.
So if you break things and would like to un-break them, click here to order FiberFix today at FiberFix.com
FiberFix provides first-aid kit, you shouldn't wait until you cut yourself before you go out and buy one cuz you bleed out and die
according about what I know about cuts.
You gotta have that kit ready the moment you need just like you need FiberFix before some breaks.
In your house, your glove box, your toolbox, your fanny pack,
so when the poop hits the fan, you can wrap the poop and FiberFix. Heaven helped that fan.
Or maybe you're thinking,"Do I have to buy FiberFix?"
Can't I just use 100 times more duct tape?
Sure, you could totally do that.
Or maybe you're thinking FiberFix's tape that can't be a permanent solution.
Well, you should stop being such a tape racist cuz this is nothing like any other tape you've seen before.
Yes, these raw cages held together by nothing but FiberFix and no I did not weld it.
It's called FiberFix, it's in permanent fix like when you get your dog fixed, there's no going back.
Sorry, boy. Here's your tissue.
Is FiberFix for women, too? Just ask my smoking hot wife.
Yes, it is. (clap) back to you, husband.
So click here and we'll send you our manly man kit complete with FiberFix repair aid, heat wrap, patches.
You'll be ready to repair anything, anytime, anywhere.
So you can spend the rest of your time winning your wife back from the plumber
So unless you've never broken anything in your life ever, click here to try FiberFix today.
FiberFix for every man including women.



【廣告裁判精選】這款超強膠帶讓你這輩子不必再叫水電工!(Redneck Drives a Duct Tape Car off a Cliff!)

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Stanie Yu 發佈於 2016 年 12 月 9 日    Stanie Yu 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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