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♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
- ♪ She got me gone crazy ♪ - What kind of party is this?
- ♪ She got me gone crazy ♪ - Whoa, jewelry, dude.
- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪ - I can do this.
- Really? - Yeah.
- You can do this.
- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪
- Just counting the members
to make sure they don't multiply halfway through this.
- ♪ I'm creeping in your heart, babe ♪
- It's actually quite good. I'm actually quite impressed.
- I like that move. - I do like that move.
- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪
- You have to-- you have to be blown away how talented they are.
- ♪ Creeping ♪ - Oh, did he just rip out his earring?!
Did that come out of his ear hole?
- I'd be scared to get that lip ring caught on something
when going through a door. - You would, yeah.
You should never get anything pierced, Phil.
♪ (exuberant synthpop) ♪
- ♪ (vocalizing along) ♪
- ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪ - Queen.
- ♪ (rapping in Korean) ♪
- I shouldn't be dancing.
Why? I can't stop my shoulders.
- ♪ (singing in Korean) ♪
- They're very talented. They do tennis, fencing.
- Oh, they're achieving the dream now.
- Just hang in there. You too can be a good Walmart employee.
- Follow your dreams.
- Nailed that ballet turn. - She cooked it so well. (chuckles)
♪ (song wraps up) ♪
- I loved it. I want to be a dream girl.
- ♪ Squad shit ♪
- "Squad shit." (laughs)
- ♪ Woo! ♪ - (cracks up)
- Those are Gastlys from Pokemon.
- Why is there a whale's fin?
- This is weird.
- If Gucci Mane and Future had an Asian son, this guy.
- Okay. - This was not made for me.
I'm not in the underwater squad.
- Is that like their squad name?
Oh, the whale tail. "Underwater squad." - Ohh!
Watermelon, yeah. Water, yeah. - Okay, that's the theme.
- ♪ Bitch, I'm a zombie ♪
♪ (singing in Korean) ♪
- The eye thing-- that was kinda cool.
- That's not real eyes, is it? - It's a Snapchat filter.
- ♪ You know we goin' ♪
♪ Harder than a mutha, mutha[bleep] ape ♪
- (incredulously) What?
- ♪ (rapping) ♪
- I feel like a G.
- I'll let my hair down for this one.
- ♪ (rapping) ♪
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
- (Finebros) All right. So how familiar
were you with K-pop before today?
- I'm not that familiar. - Like, as a genre?
- No. - I think we like the idea of it,
but we don't know that many artists.
- All I know about K-pop is what you have shown me.
- There was one K-pop song that I listened to.
I can't remember-- it's called "Tell Me Why."
- I keep saying I'm gonna watch and listen to K-pop,
and then I never do. - You only do when I show you.
- (Finebros) The first one was for the song "Monster"
by a band called Exo. - I've heard of Exo.
- Exo are getting even more popular.
They've had quite a career, Exo. - They have.
- (Finebros) Exo is so big,
they were named the most powerful celebrities
by Forbes Korea two years in a row. - What?! That is awesome.
- They're obviously good-looking guys.
They've got nice hair. They can sing. They can dance.
I'm betting that the teens love them.
- I think there were nine people in that group.
That's a lot of boys (laughing) that you can get into.
- Maybe it was because they were a little edgier, you know?
Maybe because it wasn't as love-songy, a little more aggressive.
Maybe the K-pop scene is ready for something a little darker.
- (Finebros) The next song is by the girl group I.O.I,
and their song is called "Dream Girls."
What'd you think about that? - I was into "Dream Girls."
I loved that the pastel princesses,
they were serving on that tennis court.
- It was super cute, super bubbly, super colorful.
It's like everything you could want out of a girl K-pop group.
- That could be empowering for girls if they listen to that song
or anybody, really. I felt empowered.
- Everyone has their own taste. I usually like everything.
That's one of the small percentage of things
that just doesn't sit with me.
- (Finebros) And the last video, we threw in some Korean hip hop.
Had you ever been exposed to Korean hip hop before?
- Evidently not.
- I have never seen Korean hip hop before. Not sure I will again.
- Yes, but not like that. Not the current stuff.
- What's the underwater squad?
- I was not so much into the random yelps and screams.
It's not my style, but I support if that's your dream.
- (Finebros) Out of the five artists in this video,
two of them are actually from Japan.
And most of the lyrics that they're rapping are in Japanese.
What do you think about the multi-language aspect of the song?
- That's awesome.
- I think that's dope.
It kinda threw me off originally,
because you don't really hear songs, or rap songs especially,
with two different languages on the same song.
- I quite liked the fact that people
can listen to it from different countries.
So if they don't speak Korean and they speak Japanese,
then they can a brand-new artist that way.
- I love that.
You become a little bit more multifaceted
when you allow yourself to be flexible
in different languages like that
and be accessible to multiple countries.
- (Finebros) Finally, we end this episode
like we always do when we cover K-pop.
Now that you've been exposed to it,
do you think you will find yourself
checking out any more Korean music?
- I feel like I would probably listen to more K-hip hop.
- Yes. - Yes.
- I want to go revisit "Tell Me Why."
I know it's a song. It is definitely a song.
♪ (end music) ♪


反應K-pop (YOUTUBERS REACT TO K-Pop #5 (EXTRAS #94))

245 分類 收藏
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