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  • I’m not here to just throw another definition:

  • peace is the state when you become a vegetable”.

  • This is what most people define it as!

  • You have no more desires,

  • you sit on top of a mountain with your eyes closed,

  • and a lot of people think that youre a vegetable at that point.

  • No. No!

  • Peace is within you.

  • Right now, right now! Right now, peace is within you.

  • You know that? Did you know that? Right now, it’s within you,

  • so why don’t you define it for me?

  • Feel it,

  • and you will realize, there are no words adequate for that description.

  • Peace is

  • when this heart

  • is filled with a gratitude

  • for what you have been given,

  • without wanting more.

  • Peace is when you understand the value of this blessing,

  • called the breath, that you have been given.

  • Peace is to admire

  • that one beautiful lifetime,

  • every single day.

  • So I haven’t defined it,

  • but I have told you what I feel peace is.

  • It’s a smile,

  • it’s a tear,

  • it’s a feeling,

  • and when you know it,

  • there is no mistaking it.

I’m not here to just throw another definition:


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和平是... (Peace is ...)

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