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  • Three, two, one, none;

  • I’ve come to make my debut

  • Just watch, I am determined and in clear view

  • The thrills I bring, with beauty and grace,

  • Secure my throne when I'm in first place

  • The gentle words that I whisper into your ear,

  • The way I play coy,

  • I don’t do it for show

  • To guard the ones that I love and those who are weak,

  • My heart has to be colder than stone,

  • Stronger than anythingbut

  • Just who am I? Can you answer?

  • If these are the things you want to know,

  • Then love just might be blooming

  • Knowing that the secrets I hide

  • Deep within me wait for you, will you

  • Take your sword? Heed your call?

  • Just how will you play this SOLDIER GAME?

  • I'll keep you guessing until we meet again....

Three, two, one, none;


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B1 中級

我唱了一首歌 "阿兵哥遊戲"(英文短篇翻唱)。 (【歌ってみた】soldier game【gachi michi】(short English cover))

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    Summer Liao 發佈於 2021 年 01 月 14 日