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The Refugee Team is for athletes who have run away from their homelands because they actually lose it,
and they want to continue as athletes,
but they didn't have the materials, they didn’t have the support,
but the Olympic Committee now is supporting this team.
Actually, when I arrived they were all speaking German, and I was like…the side girl, you know.
But actually a girl knows how to speak English, and there were a lot who know a little bit of English.
And sometimes I try to speak German, which is not working but I’m still trying.
And yeah, we have a connection.
I can speak 2 words in German and then 5 words in English, and they'll understand me.
Now I have 10 training (sessions) in the water and 5 on dry lands.
And I do 2 training (sessions) with the group and 3 alone.
Actually sometimes I have to wake up at like 5 a.m. to have extra training.
But we are moving really fast, and this is good.
She’s really good, she’s mentally really good; she’s in her high-performance level for the race.
I think talent is just a small part. It could make the way easier,
but it’s more important to be mentally in good shape and to understand what you want to do
and what you want to achieve.
In the pool she has to get better in the aerobic foundation and in the power foundation we have to work for
but the technical foundation is really good we just have to stabilise it.
And outside the pool, she just has to be like she is.
I think anything is possible for me because we are working hard; we know what our plan is.
And we know what we miss and what we don't.
And here is not like my country, because my country can't offer all of that,
but here they are offering a lot of things and they can support you the right way.
And yeah, I think I could do whatever I want to.
You're an athlete; you don't think if you're Syrian or from London or from Germany.
You will just think about your race, and you have your lane, your swimming cap, your swimming lesson, that’s it.



從敘利亞到里約奧運:奧運難民隊 Yusra Mardini 的故事 (From Syria to Rio 2016 - The story of Yusra Mardini | Refugee Olympic Team)

12491 分類 收藏
Linda Shih 發佈於 2016 年 9 月 4 日    Linda Shih 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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