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  • Hey guys! It's Wengie here. Welcome back to my channel.

  • I really wanted to make this video to help motivate you guys to stay on track with your healthy eating plans.

  • It's not really about how you look. It's really about how you feel and eating healthy really makes a huge difference to your life.

  • And if any of you guys haven't heard or have gotten my 7-day healthy eating plan already,

  • I just want to let you know that I've gotten such great feedback for it. Thank you guys so much!

  • And the reason why I wrote up this healthy eating plan is my boyfriend literally lost nine kilos on it

  • when he was super busy and working 10 hours a day.

  • If you guys need a bit of guidance on what to cook and eat when you're trying to eat healthy, you can check out my eBook.

  • I'm really proud to announce that we have raised this much money so far.

  • And today's video is a tribute to all you lazy girls like me because if you're anything like how I am,

  • this is literally how you act around the house:

  • Yeah, I'm thirsty

  • What? There's no more?

  • Eh, I'll live. Fridge is too far.

  • Now being lazy can actually be a really good thing for your healthy eating.

  • A tendency to really not be bothered to find food, like, there are times when I am like this:

  • I'm a bit peckish.

  • Yeeeah, this will do.

  • The key to a successful lifestyle change is to work with your personality and not against it

  • and because I am this lazy, it's actually the environment that plays a huge role in how I eat.

  • If it's really, really easy to eat and convenient, you will eat it because it's just there.

  • If you replace everything you have in your cupboard with things that you're supposed to eat, the same thing will happen

  • because you're way too lazy to get other food, you will just eat what's in there.

  • All you need to do is cut up some carrots and grab a tub of hummus.

  • It's really that easy. It's so yum!

  • You'd be surprised like how much food you have in your house but isn't supposed to be there.

  • I am honestly so guilty of stocking my house up with food that is not good for me

  • simply because it's on special.

  • 'kay, so I gotta get vegetables

  • Half price? Hell yeah!

  • Two for three dollars? Come to mama!

  • So, if there's one thing, I want you guys to have a look at today, to look at your pantry, your fridge, your cupboard,

  • everything in your house, and just evaluate whether you want to keep eating that kind of food.

  • If it changes one thing, it will make such a huge difference, even if all other things are equal.

  • So I hope this video has helped you guys, or reminded you guys to get back on track with your healthy eating

  • because I know how hard it is, I am constantly struggling with that.

  • Don't forget that I love you guys so so so so much, and I'll see you right back here in a couple of days. Bye!

Hey guys! It's Wengie here. Welcome back to my channel.


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