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Wu Yi Fan Happy Birthday
(The brightest star shinning upon darkness)
(Can you hear)
(the sighing of loneliness in my soul?)
I hope
I can fly
fly to any places that have fans
(The brightness star shinning upon darkness)
(Can you remember)
(that there was a person who came with me and is now gone?)
Thank you every you I like
Thank you for always being here
(Please listen to my prayer)
(I would like to have the heart of sincere and eyes with tears)
(Please give me the courage to believe in you)
(to embrace you beyond lies)
Wu YiFan, I love you. What should we do ?
(Whenever I feel confused to the reason to live,)
(Whenever I lost myself in darkness,)
(The brightest star shinning upon darkness)
(please lead me to you)
Even if it’s the whole world, I can give up on it
At least I still have you, who is worth cherishing
(The brightest star shinning upon darkness)
(Do you ever know)
(where the person who stayed with me is now?)
2012 YiFan comments for fans
(The brightest star shinning upon darkness,)
2013 YiFan weibo and letter for fans
(Do you ever care)
(about whether the hope or the accident would come first?)
( I would rather disguise my pain from you)
(instead of forgetting the pureness in your eyes. )
(Please give me the courage to believe in you)
Wu Yi Fan is always here
Welcome back, Wu Yi Fan
(Whenever I feel confused to the reason to live,)
(Whenever I lost myself in darkness,)
(The brightest star shinning upon darkness, please guide me to you)
2014.11.06 Wu Yi Fan Happy Birthday
Growing up with him
We met when we were 13
Ten years already
Normally I call him Kevin
That's his English name before
We ...
love playing games
Because our personalities are alike
I am Scorpio, too
After we met, we went to play basketball eveyday
What he experienced is what I experienced
We trained together
When I finished, he still continued to train
He is good at discovering interesting things in life
When he likes it, he will keep talking about it
Just like when we were teen.
When he liked it, he would ask me to do together
When we just met,
It was a coincidence
I entered the house and saw him coming out
"he looks fine"
"it might be great for him to work in the entertainment industry."
He told me when we were young
"When I grow up, I want my name remembered by world"
I believe he can do it
From friends to working partner,
it feels very secure
We are not just working,
it is like an alliance
He wants to cooperate,
see what we can do together
Our studio call "Home Stereo"
translation in Chinese is ...
Basically, we are quite unanimous
Sometimes, we have little arguments
,but talk awhile and it will be fine
I think many people have seen this photo
Let's me draw the scene that we play basketball
We bring some Little Fan style into it
Little Fan,
Little Fan,
it has been a long time for us to celebrate birthday together
Happy Birthday
Listen to me !
Because I am older than you
Remember you are the best
The best the best the best
(I can see)
(your eyes)
(gazing at the horizon)
(An empty street corner)
(a silent embrace)
(love is quietly ablaze)
(woo I can hear your voice)
Welcome Wu YiFan
Fan: Hello
Please sit
MC: Give you all 10s for screaming
Our building did not have that much people for a long time
Fan: really?
Today is especially for your birthday
Fan: Thank you
Let's say Happy Birthday first
(fans: Wu YiFan, Happy Birthday)
Fan: Thanks thanks thank you all of you
MC: Welcome Wu YiFan to our show
Let's say Hello to all your fans
Fan: Hello, all of you
MC: You all are so awesome
From we woke up this morning,
look at the weibo, newspapers,
are all about your birthday
even the bus stop advertisement
MC: Those are all your work, right?
(fans: yes)
MC: What did you feel when you saw that?
Fan: When I saw it,
I am very touched and glad
From debut to now,
they always give me support and encouragement
They are so great. The best !
Without them, I will be totally different.
MC: Normally, we saw the recent movie on the bus stop with large budget.
MC: You all are great. Give yourself a big hand.
MC: I believe the Netizens watching our live cannot hear the sound on site
The sound of shutter are so loud on site
never stop
It's so happy today to have YiFan on our show
There are two good news
First is your birthday
Second, you have a "son"
Fan: Yes
MC: Please introduce your "son"
Fan: My "son"
MC: Why are you sighing?
Fan: Not easy
Because it is my first solo song
and also my first creation
and production
, so it means a lot to me
MC: What's the name of the song?
Fan: It's related to my movie
"There is a place"
MC: Is it tailor-made for the movie?
Fan: Yes. when I were filming in Prague
we thought the movie need a theme song
and I am very interested
in acting and creating music at the same time
That's why my frd - Bin Young and I
worked on this song slowly at that time
MC: So you got the idea back in that time?
Fan: At the beginning, the idea was kind of vague
I just felt it should be
different from Chinese music
As our movie was shot at Prague, it needs more foreign elements
so the song is more like European and American music
MC: is it different to write song there and in China?
like the view, people is different, the feeling is different
is it different to write song there and in China?
Fan: Yes! It must be different
Prague is so beautiful
MC: Are you talking about the people or?
Fan: No, the view! view!
You all are the most beautiful
Fan: I believe it is the difference in the atmosphere
Different places have different atmosphere
so the song is affected by the atmosphere in Prague,
which is different from the mainland
MC: Did you go to try different local activities?
such as some people will go to hiking
go to the farm
Did you go rowing in Prague
or somewhere romantic to experience?
Fan: I went to rowing
but grounded for many times
MC: You don't know how to row, right?
Fan: I think I did fine
but my friends are...
not okay...
MC: Are you blaming on Bin Young and you friends?
Fan: No, they were not with me
They were still oversea at that time
MC: someone from the crew?
Fan: Yes, some friends
Don't mention their names here
You know who I am talking about
MC: who? leave it for your fans to find
Fan: Yes, don't talk about the name here
MC: Do you have some habits while creating a song?
Someone loves to do it in toilet
, somewhere private
and turn off the light;
someone likes to clear everything in their room
including all the clothes wearing
Do you have some weird habits?
Fan: I ... I ... don't
I will not be that weird
I am quite normal
I just write what I think of
MC: Where do you go to make song?
on the plane?
or your room
or everywhere
Fan: mainly at home
Mostly at home
Because my friends and I
made a recording area at home
mini studio
We always work there.
Working round the clock!
MC: Working round the clock.
so this song is made by you and Bin Young
Fan: Yes
MC: just you two?
Fan: Yes
MC: Working round the clock at home...
Fan: Yes
MC: to write this song
Why do you (fans) laugh like that?
Fan: Yes, that's right
MC: But from the beginning video,
He talked about minor arguments on the process
Fan: Did we?
MC: Did you?
Fan: Did we, Bin Young?
Fan: I think it is fine
because we are friends for many years
It is great to have some different opinions
making us to improve
MC: What kind of argument you two had?
Fan: like we listen to the same sound,
same instrument
same area but had different feelings
He think that one is better
I think another is better
At that moment,
we might find the third person to listen
as we may be all wrong.
When you are working on a song,
you may listen to too many sounds
you will become insensitive
and cannot identify the best sound
That's why we need a third person
MC: Who is the third person?
Fan: It might be my mom,
or my friends
MC: So, when you get into argument
you two can work it out objectively.
MC: Didn't fight (physically)?
Fan: No
MC: work it out peacefully
Fan: He will just lose if we fight
MC: Talking relentlessly on screen,
you always bully him
MC: At the moment that finished the song
at that exciting moment
Who do you want to share the song with?
Fan: Of course is everyone like and support me
it must be.
Finally, it is released to meet you all
, I am very happy.
MC: Today is the date releasing, right?
and they have already known how to sing it
Fan: Are you?
Fan: Awesome !
MC: At the beginning, they practiced together
Fan: really?
Fan: I need to listen later
MC: We listen to it later, okay?
MC: As we have spoken, all your friends around
When did they appear in your life?
like Bin Young, when did you met?
Fan: Bin Young and I first met in Korea
The time working in Korea and he was there
It is a coincidence when we met
We are connected
As back in Canada, we met once
We met once at that time
and discovered we work together in Korea
We are quite connected
MC: Met once in Canada
Is it like dining together in a restaurant?
Fan: No no, he lived in my home for a day
He come over and some friends introduced him to me
That's how we met
MC: Living in your house for a day?
Fan: Yes, it is not just a day, is a period of time
MC: Even a period of time!
People said "Meeting in this lifetime is, how many looking back in the previous life?"
MC: So many times you two needed to look back to each other in the previous life, to be that connected now.
Fan: I don't know, so I feel connected with him.
In the previous life, we might be .....
I am not sure
MC: "Lover", who said "lover"?
Fan: Don't be like that
MC: Did you guys like each other in first sight?
very connected or don't like each other at first?
Fan: We don't fight,
I think first time he met me,
he must feel "you are handsome".
Just kidding
MC: You continue your appreciation
Fan: Nonono, I cannot continue
At the beginning, we admired each other
I think friends are always like that
It might be his charm attracting me
I felt we can be friends
then we started to communicate
It is coincidence that we worked together
in the same place
so we felt so connected
MC: You two have consensus in music
Fan: Yes
MC: many connection.
Fan: Yes
MC: How old were you when you two met?
Fan: 17
MC: Did you sing together?
Fan: I cannot beat him in singing
He is better than me
MC: What song did you sing when you are kids, like nursery rhymes?
Fan: You got me there
I did not sing nursery rhymes
I am mature, I did not sing children songs
It's not much, we sing some pop songs only
MC: Pop songs, no nursery rhymes.
MC: When you were kids, did your mother sing you some songs?
The first song you know
Fan: when I am kids... like ...
(fans: "Two tigers")
MC: You all grew up with him, right? You always know
Fan: No, I like ...
"Twinkle twinkle little star,"
"How I wonder what you are!"
Then, I cannot remember.
MC: Every kids know this song.
Your mom sang you this when you were little
Fan: Yes, mom did sing this song
She also told me a story about pony crossing the river
always tell me that, many many times
MC: Let's share with us
Fan: Do you want to know?
(fans: YES)
Fan: I love listening story before I slept that time
She always tell this story
since I am a Horse in the Chinese horoscope
It is about a pony want to cross the river
but he see the current is so rapid
so he is not brave enough to cross the river
then he told his mom that he cannot cross that river
then his mom told him to be brave
"If you try, you know you can do it"
so the pony crossed the river.
because the river is not that deep
Fan: Great
MC: You all are so nice
so you have fallen to sleep when your mom told you that story?
Fan: Yes, I slept, slept at ease
Fan: I believe there is no "river" I cannot pass
MC: It is amazing
Mother told us some stories when we were kids
and we become the characters when we grow up
Like creating a song and acting
This time work with Director XuJingLei
Do you think acting is fun?
Fan: It's fun
MC: Acting or singing, which is more fun to you?
Fan: Both
Acting is my dream
and singing is my ...
and something I am passionate in
so I cherish both of them
MC: Any difficulties faced ?
It's the first time you act, you might face some harsh requests from the Director or the crew?
Did you feel pressure making you get pimples or don't want to shoot tomorrow?
Fan: I did not
but I am sure that sometimes I felt pressure.
Since it's my first time,
at the beginning, I went through a phase of adaptation
I did not get used to many stuff
and didn't know how should I perform in a movie
so I need director to teach me and she helped me a lot
MC: Is she a strict person?
Fan: Nonono
Director Xu is a nice person.
MC: or she is just nice to you?
Fan: Nonono, she is nice to everyone
MC: Did you want to say something just now?
Fan: No, I don't
She is very nice
MC: I felt you want to say sth
Fan: I hope she is not watching
Actually, she is quite harsh to me sometimes
like asking me to practice cello,
to have a diet
making me do many things
but it's worthy
MC: She planned all your schedule
Fan: ... It's quite full
very enriching
MC: How did she make you have a diet?
Fan: She asked me to stop eating
everyone was eating and she was like"Stop, you cannot!"
I tried to take some food after awhile
and being discovered again and the food is taken away
MC: so she did try her best to watch over you
Fan: I'm always discovered by her since I am too tall
I am too large to steal the food
a very large back of mine,
like a bear.
MC: so is it the most painful thing that you can't eat during the movie filming?
Fan: It's before the filming
During the filming, I am free
MC: Is this character a challenge for you?
Fan: It's quite challenging
Actually, he is a very complex person.
but I cannot tell you
MC: Cannot tell us now ?
Fan: Right!
MC: When we are acting, we always have...
it's normal ...
basically we will have some intimate scenes,
kissing scenes, body touching.
Did you have it?
Fan: Did I ?
I cannot tell you
MC: Okay, let's me change the question.
Which do you think is harder, Kissing scenes or...
crying scene?
You all want to know about crying scene?
You all are so nice to him .
Crying or Kissing?
Fan: I think...
crying ...
both are difficult.
MC: There must be a difference.
Which one did you have to redo more?
Fan: ... crying...
MC: so you kiss...
Fan: kissing...
MC: so your skill in kissing is so good
Fan: wait! wait! wait!
MC: Expert!
Fan: I feel so hot here...
MC: Do you want to take it off?
Fan: I am fine
(fans: Take it off)
MC: They ask you to take it off
Fan: Wait awhile
MC: Come on, you think crying is more hard
Kissing scene is easier. why?
Fan: ....
no...I think...
Actually, its my first time acting
so everything is new to me
I feel...
(sigh) forget about it
Both are easier.
I am so great ! I act so well !
MC: First time there is someone giving up about the question on site
Fan: I finished everything once
I never redo
There is no "redo" in my dictionary !
MC: Please cut this clip and send to Director Xu.
and ask her about that
What kind of girl do you like to kiss?
Fan: ...
MC: in real life, what kind of girl do you like?
Fan: I like girl that like an angel
MC: really?
Fan: You all knew that
I always say that
MC: like an angel.
Fan: It's a feeling
I like girl looking pure
MC: Wearing a white onepiece
and fly into your house
Fan: It will be scary at night
I think she should be kind
and understand my job
if talking realistically
Actually, it is quite normal
What kind of girl you like is what kind of girl I like
MC: really?!
I also love angel
and flying into my house
MC: Actually, we have interviewed your friends
and the answer is different
Fan: really!!?
Then, he must not be my friend
MC: Let's see if he is your friend.
Fan: He is not my friend!
MC: Let's watch
BinYoung: He likes sexy girl
and beautiful and hot
nice personality and kind
white teeth
many requirements !!
Fan: I am being mistaken!
what the heck is "white teeth" ?
MC: just like you, white teeth
and need to be hot and sexy
Fan: We cannot be friend anymore
Don't know how to talk ...
You will have no friends
MC: Is what he said true?
Fan: It's fake.
MC: What do you all think?
(fans: It's fake)
Fan: I only have you all.
I am not that kind of person.
MC: You know him so well.
Actually, there is the second half.
BinYoung: Actually, he likes girl feel like an angel
beautiful and pure
Ray: We like the same kind of girl
let's see who make a move first and get the girl.
Fan: Okay, we can still be friends.
MC: Again, is like an angel
You and Ray like the same kind of girl
Fan: He copied me
MC: He learnt from you?
MC: Did you two face situation like that?
Fan: No, never happened before
MC: He is very nice. He said he would just watch from aside if it happen.
Fan: Really?
Fan: NICE, we still can be friends.
MC: It's happy to have friends around
Chatting , hanging out together
Guys love playing basketball together, right?
Fan: Yes yes.
MC: Is the video YiFan playing basketball handsome?
(fans: Handsome)
Fan: Thank you
MC: Do you play basketball now?
Fan: Yes, but not that frequently
busy now
less than before
I still play basketball with my friends
But I am not that great now
I am not that good at it now
I cannot run like before
maybe I am old
MC: You are only 24 (fans: You do not)
Fan: I don't? Thank you
Fan: I am young now
MC: Your energy source are all here.
You all need to keep giving him energy.
Our show called "bring you to meet him"
and we bring many people who like you to meet you
and also we put the news online
Many people asked you questions online
Let's answer some of that!
Fan: OK
Question 1: her name is...
She said"Any secret to be that tall?
Is it because you always basking?"
Fan: ha...
Fan: I need to answer that?
MC: Yup
Fan: ... YES!! Of course
If you want to be taller, you need to sun
MC: That's the first time I heard that logic
Fan: Actually,
it's right
MC: Is it true?
Fan: Is it true? I dont know
MC: Don't lie to me. I am not as tall as you.
Fan: I think it is fine.
maybe I just bask more than other
so I am tall now
MC: so do you bring a solar energy when you're going out everyday?
You can absorb energy everytime
Fan: Do I really need to answer that question?
Fan: Milk!
Drinking milk makes you taller.
Fan: Am I correct?
(fans: You aren't wrong)
MC: Ok, it's not wrong.
Let's see the next one.
She want to ask "Do you have six pack now? or all in one?"
and required evidence.
Fan: Don't do that to me
MC: Do you feel hot now?
Fan: I do
MC: Do you want to take your cloth off?
Fan: Always hot
MC: Do you want to take it off?
Fan: really?
Is it on the script?
MC: Yes
She commanded
Fan: But my cloth inside is quite ...
you cannot see my abs
MC: Do you all want to see?
(fans: Yes)
MC: Everyone on the world want to see that
I can hear people from America saying Yes
Fan: But I cannot show you my abs
MC: applause
Do you need me to cover for you?
Fan: is okay.
Okay, I am stuck right now
MC: I can help
MC: Too slim, right?
Is your abs still here?
Fan: Frankly
I got five-pack
MC: Five?
Fan: Frankly, I must have five-pack
MC: Five?
Fan: One Two Three Four
MC: Is he pass?
Fan: Give me some times
MC: What? You want to show?
(fans: Take it off)
Fan: Next time
MC: Next time?
Fan: Don't be like that
I will have no friends
Give me a chance
MC: Okay, let's see the next question
MC: She said
Can you cook?
What's your best dish?
Fan: I can I can
I can cook anything
MC: Are you sure?
Fan: I can cook many dishes
I always cook before
Fried Rice
Fried noodles
Instant noodles
(fans: Instant noodles...)
(fans: You are so awesome)
Fan: awesome, right?
MC: Even instant noodles count!!
Fan: Instant noodles, fried noodles, mixed noodles, fried sauce noodles.
MC: That's why you are so slim
Fan: Great !
MC: I cannot argue with you all
You satisfied an answer like that
MC: Next question
her name is ___
she said
I got a philosophic question
Wu Yi Fan
Do you know which digging machine is the best? (It is from a trending commercial in China)
Fan: Actually, I heard that question many times
I don't have an answer
MC: Today, which digging machine is the best?
(fans: Wu Yi Fan)
Fan: Fan's is the best
Fan: YES
Fan: It's philosophy
MC: This fan called -caiiiiiii
she asked
Please comment on your own selfie skill.
Fan: Oh
My selfie skill
(fans: You are so great)
Fan: I am not good at that
I don't like selfie
MC: You like people taking photo of you.
Fan: ... This sounds weird ...
I just don't like selfie
It's not my style
(fans: Fan fan is not wrong)
MC: is not wrong, right?
(fans: Fan fan is not wrong)
MC: Why are you all redressing?
MC: Next question
She said
Fanfan, when will your new movie start filming?
What's your next plan for career?
Fan: New movie...
when will it start...
I don't know
That needs to ask my manager
MC: Need to ask the crew
Fan: Because my memory is not that great
MC: Next plan for career?
We don't have the next plan yet
The song has just come out today
Please support his song
Fan: There will be more stuff coming out
MC: Yes, it will not disappoint you all.
Fan: will not make you all disappointed
MC: Let's see the next
MC: What's her name?
She asked Fanfan, how can you deal with your negativity?
Fan: I don't have negativity.
I am quite happy
(fans: You are awesome)
Fan: Awesome!
Fan: How about you?
MC: I don't have negativity
When I saw you, I am happy
Fan: Nice!
MC: He is good at ending up a topic
MC: The last question
She asked
Fanfan, which actor/actress do you want to cooperate with the most?
What kind of character you want to play?
Fan: I am fine to work with everyone
I just hope to improve myself
and I can learn from them
I am willing to learn
I think this depends
see whether the play is appropriate for me,
match my interest,
and I can handle it
MC: How about the topic?
Will you have some limitations on the topic?
Fan: No, no limits
I am willing to play any character
(fans: Ancient costume)
Fan: It's fine, I am willing to.
(fans: Look forward to it)
Look forward to it !
How about you?
MC: Ancient costume...
Fan: Nice !
MC: Look forward to it!
MC: Let's look forward to your next work
As he is back, there is more and more chance
to work with great local crew
and high quality directors, actors, topics..
Right? So please keep supporting him!
Fan: Look forward to it !!
MC: The questions are fine, right?
Fan: Yes
MC: Those are not hard at all.
Fan: Thank you. thanks
MC: Our show is helping fans to get in touch with their idols
So, the next part is game-playing with fans here
Fan: Okay
called Pictionary
Please pick five fans to the stage
Let's pick five.
You all know your number, right?
Fan: Okay? Can I start?
MC: Please say it.
Fan: ....
Number 10
MC: Who?
Fan: Who is number 10?
MC: Please come on the stage.
Fan: Continue?
Number 39
Fan: Nice
MC: why are you so surprise? It is just a number.
Fan: I don't tell you all
Number 22
Number 11
MC: Where is 11
Fan: and the last one
Number 9
MC: Five lucky fans please come on the stage
Fan: Where is my chair?
MC: No chair, we will stand for the game
Fan: But where is my cloth?
MC: You cannot wear it .
Do you want it?
Fan: I am a little embarrassed.
I am very cold
MC: Please take the cloth back to YiFan
Let's me take about the rule of game first
Fan: That side, please
MC: The five fans is on stage now
I have nine optiona here
WuYiFan will choose one everytime
and there is a key word under different number
and you cannot see it
but to guess it
and YiFan will draw the keyword out
Who answer correctly first can get the prize from YiFan
Are you ready?
Are you ready?
Fan: Yup
MC: Please choose first.
I heard you are expert in drawing
Fan: I am great
never lose
Can I choose now?
MC: You can choose any of them.
MC: Let's everyone to have a look first.
Fan: Can I start drawing?
I have started.
MC: You five need to guess from his drawing
MC: You can stand closer
MC: I really want to laugh
Wu Fan Gogh
Fan: Did you see my drawing?
Wait, I need to find an angle that you cannot see
MC: It is okay for me to look
It's just them
(fans: come here)
MC: You all sound like some bad guys
I am very curious
Is it okay?
Fan: It seems failed...
MC: Not wrong!
Fan: Okay.
I have finished.
MC: Please show it to everyone.
(fans: It's totally the same)
MC: Let's them see.
(fan1: sheep)
(fan2: Alpaca)
Fan: ..WOW
MC: How can you guess it!!
(fan1: Alpaca get 4 legs)
MC: is not wrong.
(fan2: Fanfan is not wrong.)
MC: Please bring the prize to the stage.


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