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Welcome to another Goodwin TOEIC lesson today's
lesson is for the photo section of the listening test
today's episode one and I'm your teacher Randy league.
Let's talk about the photo section now the photo section has 10 photos in it the photos
can be of anything it can be of a person a group of people cannot object I've seen anything
now each question has for spoken sentences.
You have to look at the photo listen to the sentences and choose which sentence that describes
the photo. Now we don't have a lot of time to answer really we only have 5 seconds to
answer so after 5 seconds the next question will start now before I talked about how the
photos can be of anything and that was true of photos can be of anything but there are
three main types of photos and I want to show you these. Now the first type of photo is
of a person or a group of people now with this the focus is on the person who are they
where are they what are they doing now the second main type of photo is a photo of the
scene so they can be inside outside in the city in the countryside anywhere. But the
overall focus is on the overall landscape so we have to look at the background of for
foreground. The location of different objects. The last type of photo is a photo of an object.
Now the object can be of anything. It can be a plain a tree you can be a house they
could be a pencil anything with this type of photo we have to look at the location of
the object what the object is made of what the object is used for and is the object doing
anything. I know it's a little difficult now but we'll practice. Let me show you an example
photo section question. Okay let's take a look.
how was that easy? Difficult? Don't worry we have a lot of practice in the next couple
of episodes so you will definitely improve. Now let's review. The photo section has various
different photos for each photo you will hear for spoken sentences. You must choose to sentence
that most closely resembles the photo. You only have 5 seconds to answer and there are
a total of 10 photos and 10 questions for the entire section. And I know today was kind
of short but today was in intro and in shows are a little bit short. Thank you for watching
keep studying English keep trying hard and until next episodes I'm your teacher Randy
league and I will see you later.\par }


Goodwins's listening test for TOEIC

5388 分類 收藏
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