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  • Welcome to English grammar spot, this lesson

  • is about the past simple and the past continuous.

  • Take a look at these sentences:

  • I watched the telly last night.

  • I was watching the telly last night.

  • The first sentences contains a past simple,

  • the second sentence is in the past continuous.

  • In this lesson I'm going to show you how to form a past simple

  • and how to form a past continuous and

  • when to use past simple and

  • when to use a past continuous and more important

  • the difference between the two. First we are going to take a look at how to form

  • these past tenses. As you might know

  • in the English language we have regular

  • and irregular verbs. And this this is important to remember

  • when forming a past simple. To make a past simple

  • for the regular verbs, we use the

  • base form of the verb and add 'ed.''

  • For example: He worked late last night

  • The irregular verbs

  • have their own and unique past tense so you need to study those carefully.

  • I bought a new t-shirt yesterday.

  • The infinitive form of the verb bought is to buy.

  • With the past continuous

  • we do not need to worry about regular and

  • irregular verbs. Because all verbs that take a past continous

  • whether they're regular or irregular,

  • are formed by using

  • was or were, the past tenses of the verb 'to be',

  • and the base form of the verb and '-ing.'

  • For example: He was working last night

  • I was buying a t-shirt, when I saw her yesterday.

  • Now let's have a look at how to use a past simple

  • and how to use a past continuous and how to keep them apart.

  • we use a past simple for activities

  • that were finished in the past, we usually use

  • a time frame: He worked late last night.

  • Here last night is waht we consider

  • timeframe. I bought a new T-shirt yesterday

  • Here yesterday

  • is a timeframe. A past continuous

  • is used for activities started and finished in the past,

  • but we want emphasized duration:

  • so we want to show the other person the other listener

  • or reader that the action lasted for quite some time.

  • For example: He was working all

  • night so we want emphasize that it lated

  • the entire night. we also use past continuous form for an

  • ongoing action in the past interrupted by a sudden event.

  • For example I was buying a t-shirt

  • when I ran into her so I was

  • doing something and then suddenly a friend came up to me

  • that's when I ran into her. Please note

  • that for the interruption we use a simple

  • so we often find a past continuous

  • and a past simple in the same sentence with the

  • past continuous showing us that it was a continuing

  • activity and the past simple showing

  • the interruption of that activity. Thank you

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Welcome to English grammar spot, this lesson


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過去式和過去式連續 - 英語語法教程視頻課程 (Past Simple and Past Continuous - English grammar tutorial video lesson)

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