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  • -Japanese style Gyoza? -Yes! Nearly every day! -Right!

  • I was surprised also how many dessert places they were.

  • People watching, see all the craziness going on.

  • Hey guys this is Cathy cat! What do you like the most about Japan!

  • This is a question we asked a couple of foreigners who are here in Japan

  • right now so let's see what they got to say.

  • So what do you like the most about Japan? -Food. Food.

  • -Food? -Yes I really like Gyoza.  -Japanese style Gyoza. -YES!

  • -Nearly every day. -Right!

  • The food yeah! Yeah, I just had Takoyaki. Just about five minutes ago.

  • It was delicious. I love Japanese food and it's nice back home but

  • so good here, yeah.

  • I love the city like the neon lights, the high-rises, I love that.

  • The infrastructure... the way it's designed it's incredible.

  • -Shopping! -Shopping for what exactly?

  • Shoes! So many different kinds of shoes and the food is great!

  • Back home it's so hard to find really good sushi.

  • I was surprised also how many dessert places there were.

  • Japanese are so skinny! So thin! And they eat so many kinds of desserts!

  • I was so surprised but I love it.

  • -How do they do it?! -I don't know!

  • But it's crazy, tell me how! I want to know!

  • Me too, please tell me!

  • I would have to say the fashion. Like I'm enjoying shopping so much!

  • I've already bought pretty much this entire outfit. I bought it like

  • yesterday and now I've got two more outfits and...

  • I don't know how I am gonna fit them back in my suitcase but...

  • -The fashion definitely. -I'd really have to say the same thing. Just like seeing

  • everyone all dressed up all the time. It's so much nicer cause like,

  • Where we live it just doesn't happen. Everyone is just so relaxed and

  • doesn't dress up at all.

  • There is people without shoes on walking around the streets but here...

  • it's just like everyone, it's a fashion walk every day.

  • Going out when it's late at evenings.

  • To places like Akihabara and... people watching...

  • see just all craziness going on

  • And the car culture.

  • I am a car fan so I love the car culture and everything going on there.

  • Akihabara. That's my main thing. I am a huge Anime fan and that was like

  • "Whoa!", seriously cool for me so...

  • Akihabara in Tokyo.

  • Japan...the favorite thing that struck me the most was the memorial Peace

  • Museum in Hiroshima. That was a very strong experience to learn about the

  • what happened there and what was the people's reaction to the atom bomb.

  • That was like "Whoa." That was just like very strong.

  • I strongly recommend everybody to go to Hiroshima.

  • I love music because I live like J-rock. I love Miyabi so I am a big fan.

  • Yeah but food is also good to me.

  • and shopping of course. I love shopping.

  • What's your favourite band, both of you?

  • Dir en Gray. It's like the best. Yeah.

  • Dir en Gray and The Gazette

  • Fantastic! Thank you very much!

  • Ok, this time, many people enjoy shopping here in Japan as well as the

  • the food and the music. What do you like the most about Japan?

  • In my case obviously it's the fashion but how about you?

  • Let us know and leave us a message in the box below.

  • I am looking forward to hearing from you. See you, bye!

  • You can now submit subtitles for our videos on Ask Japanese

  • so if you speak any other language apart

  • from English there is a little video description how this works

-Japanese style Gyoza? -Yes! Nearly every day! -Right!


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